Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, December 10, 2005

Setapak High SPM 1980 Reunion Series

Thank You

Setapak High SPM 1980 Reunion Series

Setapak High SPM 1980 Reunion Series

Having a series like this has been on my mind for a long time.

I’m sure it has been on others’, too.

Despite commitments and priorities,
God still blesses us with opportunities.

We had a wonderful time.
It was a well-spent 2 hours,
and worth every moment.

Setapak High SPM 1980 Reunion Series

The faces of now...

Thank God for making this happen.

Thank you Suresh for being able to make the time.
And for bringing along your wife, Sue.

For all those times when we were boys,
there will be also times when we are family men.

When Apple Computer had its first Annual Family Day,
a heavy metal band performed.
By it’s tenth Annual Family Day, there was a clown.

The last time we saw each other was 16th. August 1981.
2 days before I flew to New York.

Thank you Ah Ming
for always accommodating my request
whenever you could.
And even when you couldn’t.
For also dragging along Michael.

Thank you Michæl for seizing the moment.
For we may not have another one.

Thank you my wife and my boys
for putting up with me.

Setapak High SPM 1980 Reunion Series

Just look at those calories consumed!

Thank you Prakash
who couldn’t make it, but wished he could.
I sure hope to see you
before you go back to Temasek
at the end of your vacation.

Thank you Shahriman for supporting the idea,
but Shahriman just couldn’t leave the production meeting
for a new movie to start shooting this earliest January.
You don’t simply leave stars hanging in the sky.

To Amin in Sudan,
this is for you to share.

To Zulkifli Abdullah
(formerly Douglas Uzaraga,
Headboy of the Evening Session
in 1977)
a lot of us still remember you.

To Mr. Wong Kwong Fei, Mr. Wong Wai Hong, and Mrs. Chew Wei Chin,
this is also forwarded to you in the spirit of our school’s Golden Jubilee.

Hope to see all of us there.



  1. Hi high school mates, good to see you all are doing well

    Why don’t you join us all here:

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