Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Sunday, July 29, 2007

10,000 Copies Sold!

My Datuk friend is in The Star today. It is at the back page of the Education Section. Bank Pembangunan Malaysia sponsored 10,000 copies of The Star newspapers for my alma mater. Looking rather dashing and graceful, I must say. The paper, however, misspelled Mr. Ho’s name. It should have been Ho Kok Chew instead of Ho Kok Chieu. But all are proud, nevertheless.

Perhaps the school didn’t realize that Datuk Rahim’s tenure at the Bank shall end this August.

Help from old boy

BANK Pembangunan Malaysia has sponsored 10,000 copies of The Star to SMK Tinggi Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

The bank’s chief executive officer, Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohd Zin, handed over a mock cheque to The Star’s senior manager of circulation G. Damodaram in support of the Star-NiE (Newspaper in Education) programme.

“We are aware of the importance of the English language and it is our responsibility as corporate leaders to help students,” said Abdul Rahim.

The sponsorship will see SMK Tinggi Setapak receiving 200 copies of The Star every Wednesday from July to September, which totals 2,200 copies.

Abdul Rahim hands over copies of The Star to Che Azizah. Looking on are Damodaram and The Star’s circulation executive Alvin Liew.

The balance of 7,800 copies will be distributed next year after the school break. While many corporations and institutions supported the Star-NiE programme by sponsoring schools, this is one of the larger packages received by a single school.

“We are honoured to have Abdul Rahim’s contribution and we are delighted that he remembers his roots,” said principal Che Azizah Saad.

An old boy of the school, Abdul Rahim took a trip down memory lane as he visited his alma mater for the first time since 1980 when he completed his secondary education.

“The students are excited by his visit and they were on their best behaviour to give him the perfect welcome,” Che Azizah said.

After a rousing welcome by the marching band, the school choir serenaded Abdul Rahim with a medley of songs that included The Greatest Love of All, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and I Will Follow You.

The school’s dance troupe also performed an entertaining routine during the presentation.

Abdul Rahim recalled his days as a band member and pledged monetary assistance to improve the band.

“I was the pulse of the band as I played the drums. I wish I had played the bagpipes but I was too frail back then. Unlike the more privileged students today, we didn’t have uniforms.”

He was also a member of the prefect board where he served as head boy in the afternoon session and quartermaster of the school band.

“It is good to receive the sponsorship as newspapers provide opportunities for students to improve their English,” said Ho Kok Chieu, who briefly taught Abdul Rahim.

“I remember him as a pleasant individual and this contribution goes a long way.”

There are now more than 500 schools taking part in the NiE programme and about 12,000 copies of The Star are distributed.


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