Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Thursday, September 6, 2007

30 Years Later

Pn. Bibi Maria HussainFinally dragged my feet to SK Sri Petaling looking for Cikgu Bibi Maria Hussain.

Guess what? After all my procrastination . . . she has retired! The farewell ceremony was 12 August 2007. So much for the surprise.

A Pn. Heriah gave her phone number, and I called her.

Her husband picked up the phone. At first she vaguely remembered me, even though she remembered the school. But as soon as I said, “You walked out of my class 30 years ago,” she remembered exactly who I was.

As I remembered she was pregnant at the time, I asked her if she had a thirty-year-old son or daughter. She had a thirty-one-year-old son who was married and had two children.

She said she realized later that she shouldn’t have walked out that day. She attributed it to her inexperience. After all, the school was her first posting. She was posted there in 1975, and policy didn’t allow any transfer within the first five years. In 1980, she left for TTDI, as soon as the opportunity knocked.

She retired only recently on 10 August 2007. She would love to meet her former students. I told her about my plan for lunch. She said she wouldn’t mind so long she got a few days notice.

Before hanging up, I told her that on behalf of all my classmate then, I apologize for all that we did that hurt her feelings. She said that I didn’t have to do that.

Chekgu, we were boys!




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