Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Thursday, September 20, 2007

Proof Phantom Voters Exist?

Can this be considered as proof that phantom voters exist?

Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky claimed to have NEVER registered with the Election Commission. A rather sad point for someone who is quite critical of how this country should be governed, I must say.

“I have never been to Rapat Setia, for heaven’s sake.
My address on my old ID and on my new MyKad is Puchong, Selangor.
I have never lived in Perak.
My kampong is in Melaka.”

But he had a change of heart and went to the Post Office to register yesterday. And it went something like this:

Young lady: Tapi Encik dah register. (But you are already registered).

I, Phantom: Betul ke? (Is that right?)

YL: Ye, Encik mendaftar kat (something) Rapat. (Yes, you are registered in something-Rapat).

I, Phantom: Kat mana tu? (Where is that?)

YL: Perak.

I, Phantom: Tapi saya tak pernah mendaftar? Bila saya daftar? (But I have never registered myself as a voter. When did I do that).

YL: Itu Encik kena tanya SPR. Kat sini dia bagi tau Encik dah daftar saja. (You have to asked the EC that. It only says here that you have already registerd).

I, Phantom: Silap kot? (Could it be a mistake?)

YL: Ini bukan IC Encik? (Isn’t this your IC?)

I, Phantom: boleh saya tengok skrin komputer awak? (Can I take a look at your computer screen?).

She said she couldn’t turn the screen around so I craned my neck, my upper body over the counter, to look at the screen. True enough – correct spelling of my name, exact new IC no and old IC no. Later, after buka, I logged into the SPR website to double check.

And Rocky got this:

Rocky SPR Detail

Upon reading Rocky’s post, I immediately checked my status at SPR, and, alhamdulillah, I am still what and where I am supposed to be.


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