Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, October 5, 2007

P. Ramlee by Any Other Name

It was never meant to be the same, for it will never be.

But the appreciation couldn’t get any better.

This guy, Raymond Crooke, has his own channel at YouTube. Check it out yourself.

Here are two of his videos singing Di Renjis-renjis Di Pilis and Getaran Jiwa.

Direnjis-Renjis Dipilis

Getaran Jiwa by Raymond Crooke

I enjoyed it very much

Thank you Mr. Crooke.



  1. ahahaha ….otak genius memang sama serupa haha

  2. […] direnjis-renjis dipilis ditepungilah tawar hai beras kunyit ditabur disiram siair […]

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