Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, October 6, 2007

Second Iftar Alumni MISNA

The second Iftar for Alumni MISNA was held successfully today at the Surau of Kompleks Tengku Kelana in Klang South. It was in the same building where the moderator’s office was located.

Breaking of fast

Attendance was moderate compared to last year’s.

The event started promptly with the breaking of fast. The food was excellent, but there were quite a few last minute arrivals.

As planned, the theme was surrounding the upcoming General Election. Some predicted that it would be in January 2008.

Come on guys, help me out here...Pak Lah was disappointed with the attendance.

In the old MISNA days, some of us would travel three to five days before we could reach the site of a particular gathering. And the attendance was awesome.

Today Pak Lah left Wakaf Bharu after Subuh, and he arrived at Kompleks Tengku Kelana in Klang way before Maghrib. He was probably the only one who had to travel that far. The rest were all basically from Klang Valley. Yet the attendance was, oh … around 50 people, may be.

Pak Lah might be running in this coming election. He was asking for support. Not necessarily of the financial kind, although that could always come in handy. He needed more campaigners, speakers. Money wise, you could never beat the incumbent (Setiausaha Kehormat & YDP Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia Negeri Kelantan, YB Mohd. Rosdi Abdul Aziz). He felt that he was not getting enough support from those he had supported, groomed, nurtured, and supported him throughout those MISNA days.

But USA and Tanah Melayu were two different ball games. MISNA was one group with a set goal. We would talk and plan and strategize while continuing with the usrah.

Mr. Najman speaks.Now that we were home, we had to walk the talk. And Malaysia was pretty big when we had to walk. Not that we were not walking, but a lot of us now were more committed to our own areas and branches. Along with other commitments, such as work and family. We no longer had that luxury of time that life in the USA provided us. Yet a lot of us were doing MISNA proud. Those grooming and nurturing sessions were bearing fruits.

Still I could feel for Pak Lah. He was fighting a tough battle. Basically spending all his own money. Some examples were thrown. After a heavy rainfall, a constituent’s house started to leak. The DUN Supervisor would chip in to help fix the leak. Then the ADUN would show up not just to fix the leak, but also extend the house and add another room to it!

But Pak Lah had been on the ground for two to three years now. The ADUN only now appeared when the election was near.

And perjuangan ni mesti melalui tarbiah, bukan melalui semangat atau pun isu. Semangat naik dan turun. Isu datang dan pergi. Tapi tarbiah istiqomah di dalam hati.

You fight via education. Not by enthusiasm or issue. Enthusiasm could die. Issues come and go. Constant education would take you all the way.

Please contribute to the fund...Brother Aziz Fort Wayne was now Pak Lah’s official PA. There was a piece of land in Pasir Mas he was selling with part of the proceeds would go to the Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan (Malaysia) State Legislative Assembly Action Council Development Fund.

He also announced the initiative to build the Wakaf Bharu Community Centre for the community of Wakaf Bharu. Anyone can contribute by buying a piece of wakaf for a minimum of rm50. From alumni MISNA, Pak Lah was expecting more than the minimum. Again, Pak Lah was disappointed.

But all was not lost. Alumni was functioning the way MISNA wanted to. And the Iftar brought together some who hadn’t seen each other for years.

My hope for next Iftar was for it to be held at a bigger place than this. Even at 50 or so people, this surau was just too small. Even last year Brother Bashir’s place was more conducive than this. Still congratulations to the organizer.

I, as usually, was snappy with my little A550. View all photos by me here.

Selamat Berjuang.


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