Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, October 26, 2007

Syabas! Kajang

The air valve at one of the main water pipes leading to the residential blocks of Seri Tanjung Bandar Baru Bangi was found to be leaking yesterday.

Air Valve Leaking
The initial problem.

I called up Syabas Kajang to make a report at 5:33pm. When I passed the place again around 7:00pm, the situation didn’t change, except there were children playing with the leak.

At 7:30pm, I got a call from Syabas Kajang wanting to confirm my earlier report.

Then around 2am, while working in my room, I heard strange tsunami-like noise downstairs. I went down, and I found Syabas contractors rectifying the problem. The air valve had broken.

Fixing the Valve
Syabas contractor replacing the broken air valve.

The contractor said they got a call from Syabas at 10pm about my report.

Flushing The Air Out
Flushing the air (and a lot of mud) out of the system on the other side of the building, hence the tsunami-like sound. For a while, the parking lot next to it appears to be flooding. The car owners would not be too happy in the morning, but I’m sure they would understand.

So it took 1½ hours to confirm my report. Another 3½ hours to inform the contractor. Another 4 hours for the contractor to finally show up and fix the problem. Considering all were done in less than 24 hours, I guess that was a good thing.

The Fixed Valve
The valve after it was fixed.

Anyway, thank you and congratulations Syabas Kajang for a job well-done.


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