Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, November 10, 2007

AirAsia uniform ‘too revealing’?

Wanita UMNO delegates complained yesterday that the AirAsia’s cabin crew uniform does not reflect Eastern and Islamic values, and inconsistent with our basis of lifestyle as an Islamic Nation and Islam Hadhari.

AirAsia girls
The photo above is from AirAsia website’s latest opening page.

I’ve been on AirAsia only twice, and I can’t really rate their service as those were very short trips, hence there weren’t much need for service. But Robin Wong got this photo from a reader that rendered me speechless. Embarrassing, to say the least.

AirAsia cabin crew sleeping.

Wanita UMNO, though, didn’t complain about MAS kebaya-inspired body-hugging uniform that is low cut on top and high cut at the bottom. The moment those ladies take a step to walk, … I wouldn’t dare take a photo for fear of being accused of voyeurism. And publishing any of those here might render this site as adult only, or downright pornographic. But MAS homepage looks rather homely:

MAS Homepage

As for the uniform itself, you be the judge (from Stewardess Uniform Collection):

MAS Uniform 01 MAS Uniform 02 MAS Uniform 03 MAS Uniform 04

And by the way, this news is spread all over the world. The local The Star here:

AirAsia uniform ‘too revealing’

Saturday November 10, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: A Wanita Umno delegate from Kelantan said the uniforms of the female cabin crew of budget airline AirAsia are too short and “show too much skin.”

Kubang Kerian delegate Datuk Zaleha Hussin said the uniform was an embarrassment to women.

She called on the Government to compel the carrier to change the uniform of the stewardesses, which she felt was too revealing.

“Tell AirAsia to change their stewardess’ uniform. We don’t want to see too much of their buttocks, thighs and legs,” she said, when debating the motion on religion and social issues yesterday.

Zaleha suggested that the uniform be changed to reflect Eastern and Islamic values.

At this juncture, Umno deputy permanent chairman Badruddin Amiruldin, who was presiding over the session, interjected:

“I think they don’t have enough cloth.”

To this Zaleha replied: “Cloth can be bought.”

The China Post here:

Malaysian politicians flay AirAsia uniform

Saturday, November 10, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian politicians criticized the uniforms worn by flight attendants on budget carrier AirAsia Friday, saying the skirts were too short and exposed the wearers’ genitals.

“AirAsia stewardesses expose their calves, thighs and knees and this is inappropriate,” delegate Zaleha Hussin told the annual congress of the ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO).

“Malaysia is an Islamic nation and Islam Hadhari is the basis for our lifestyle and this is inconsistent with it,” she said, referring to the government’s policy of promoting a version of the religion that emphasizes economic and scientific development.

Going a step further, UMNO assembly speaker Badruddin Amiruddin drew laughter when he used a crude euphemism to refer to female genitalia.

“For some of them you can even see their tunnel,” he said in Malay.



  1. Just for your information, that embarrassing picture is not a picture of an Air Asia flight. The logo is different and the uniform isn’t the same too.

    I think you are correct.

  2. haha thats airasia crew?? Muhahaha THEIR sub-zero fare leads all the way into the skirt also! muhahaha

  3. Shut the damn fucked up about Islam Country and Airasia uniform doesnt have anything to do with the ‘freedom’ of any business company’s uniform. If UMNO wanna say bout the negative things Airasia trying to show, please go outside the damn city to catch up ANY ISLAM citizen who wearing short pants or skirts HOLY SHIT !

    And by the way, tat picture was not Airasia’s uniform, LOL

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