Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Many Ways to Bill Your Customers

As a giant utility company, albeit a government-controlled monopoly, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has quite a bag full of tricks when it comes to servicing its customers. Take issuing the elctricity bill for residential customers, for instance. There are many ways to do it, I’m sure and I’ve seen.

Sometimes the meter reader personally hands it to the resident. Sometimes he slips it under the door. In between the window panes. In a hole somewhere in the fence. Just on top of the gate, before the wind blows it away. And in the mailbox, which is very logical.

Mailboxes at Seri TanjungYes, it would be quite logical to place it in the mailbox, you would say. Especially when there’s no one at home, and when there is a mailbox available.

But what happen when there are a lot of mailboxes grouped and stacked together? You know like at a typical high-rise residential area: a condominium, a flat, a hostel, or even office complexes.

Now you’d think that this is actually a no-brainer. Each bill has the customer’s name and complete address printed on it. These mailboxes usually would have some kind of inclination or courtesy markings on them to indicate which box goes to which address.

Yes, like this one on the right. Never mind the graffiti and those advertising galore. It is pretty straight forward. You may think. Well, think again.

This is what I found this early morning.

TNB Bills

There are twenty mailboxes in each mailbox housing. Here, TWENTY new TNB electricity bills rolled together nicely are inserted half-way into ONE of the mailboxes. Well, in this case, there appear to be two rolls, and someone has gone through them.

TNB Bills

So if the tenant happen to stumble onto these bills before the wind does, and he is interested in paying the current bill sometimes this month, then he has to go through the rolls himself as a responsible customer to find his bill.

What if the dog gets to the bills first?

Actually, this is NOT the first time that this had happened. It happens many many times before. Only this time I decided to take some photographs and write about it, and publish it in cyberspace.

Maybe this is one of those cost-cutting measures being implemented by TNB to minimize labor-hour wastage. Or each TNB employee is asked to be innovative and creative to save the company’s money. Or something like that. Yes, some rm24billion debt is not easy to repay.

But this is ridiculous!

Yes, this is kind of long-winding. But I’m blowing out steam!



  1. Agree with you! Just imagine how much TNB would rake in by penalising people who did’t get to pay their bill on time….

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