Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Former Classmate Caught

The strategic bancassurance partnership of CIMB and Allianz recently made headline business news, but Ah Ming was not much to be seen in the mainstream media, even though he did get caught in the camera crossfires.

On Saturday (22 December 2007), his face appeared in the Corporate Network page of The Star’s BizWeek, alongside his Boss and a CIMB’s representative. This photo is not easily available on the Net until now, right here.

Ah Ming in Star BizWeek22 Dec 2007

Another photo with Ah Ming is available here at Allianz’s corporate website news section announcing the launch of the partnership. You’d think a company of Allianz’s size could afford a better photograph.

Allianz EGM

Yes, Mr. Ng Hang Ming is in charge of the financial stuff at Allianz Malaysia Berhad. He is the Chief Financial Officer with an Engineering Degree.

Ah Ming @ TheEdgeDaily
This photo is from TheEdgeDaily online.

Ah Ming @ MReserve
This is the news at The Malaysian Reserve 21 August 2007.

The Malaysian Reserve Homepage
BTW, The Malaysian Reserve has a wonderful website that only people like me can design.


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