Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friend in The News

An old friend is in the news today. She is the widow of a neighbor from my old Kg. Loke Yew. Her late husband and I used to walk to and from the school together, although her husband, Begum Ramjan Ali bin Ibrahim @ Bariam, went to the English school, and I went to the Malay school.

Jamilah @ The Star

The Star addresses her as a “Malaysia-born Pakistani.” Actually, she is a Malaysian of Pakistani descent. I think that would be more accurate. The stress is that she is a MALAYSIAN! Of course, she is proud of her heritage, but that does not make her less of a Malaysian as the term “Malaysia-born Pakistani” sounds.

I think it is this kind of misstatement of stereotyping that helps prosper things like Hindraf, among other things.

She is pictured here with her eldest son when she and her two sons visited my Mother this past Hari Raya Eid ul-Fitr.

Besides owning a “boutique,” Jamilah also runs a chappati restaurant in Seremban. One of her father’s business, it is located inside the Pos Malaysia premises, that is also opposite the Seremban KTM station. Go ahead and try it.

The location can’t be any easier, even for outsiders. Just take the train or the Komuter to Seremban, get off the station, cross the street to Pos Malaysia, and enjoy a light healthy lunch. Malaysia Truly Asia!

How about that for plugging a friend’s joint.


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