Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oil Prices: Eight Year Olds Feel The Pinch

My eldest complained today.

Huh. Milo® dah naik hargalah. Dulu 50 sen. Sekarang 60 sen. (The price of Milo has risen. It used to be 50 sen (a packet). Now it is 60 sen.)”

Son, everything have gone up nowadays. That milk that you drink every night. That new school uniform that you wear. Your school fees this year, and may be next year. Even the rice that you eat almost daily. Those roti canai that you like to have on weekends. The electricity that powered the television that you like to watch all the time. Not to mention the petrol that powered the car that takes you everywhere. All those things that you have yet to pay for.

And you are complaining about a packet of Milo.


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