Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Problems at School

I pick up my boys from school everyday.

On the way to the car today, Mujahid, my youngest in Year One (First Grade) asked rather nonchalantly, “Abi, Aid nak tukar kelas boleh tak? (Dad, can I switch class?)”

A little surprised, I replied, “Kelas ni sekolah yang aturkan. Biasanya tak boleh. Kenapa? (Classes are arranged by the school. So usually no. Why?)”

Semua orang nak pinjam kaler Aid! (Everybody want to borrow my color pencils!)”


Then Muhammad asked if he could buy a calligraphic pencil. I asked him if it was required and if all other students had one. He said not really, but a few students already had them. He said he tried to borrow one from Isyraf, but Isyraf refused. So Muhammad told Isyraf to return all the orange drink that Isyraf had drunk from Muhammad’s water bottle. And Muhammad said Isyraf asked how could he return the drink when Muhammad let Isyraf drink it from Muhammad’s water bottle.

Hmmm… must had been a fun day at school today.



  1. GJ,
    Do your son’s classmates come from middle income family? If they do, I wonder if the parents are aware of the situation?
    When I went to visit my sister in 2006, I noticed every other day a bunch of girls (my niece classmates came to my sister’s house and used the computer (for internet access).
    I asked them what happened to their computers at home? The girls said they had the computers but their parents didn’t want to get an internet access. More questions asked, I learned that their parents were both working with state agencies. Grrrreattttt, I said.

  2. Dear anasalwa,

    I am not an expert on this particular terminology, but I would say that most students at this school come from middle to lower income families. But even those middle income ones, when they have 10 children, are they still considered middle income?

    If I were to go by the income route, this can be a long winding answer with technical nitty gritty of the economic and financial kind. Suffice to say that standard unlimited broadband access is rm88 per month that requires a fixed line of minimum rm27 per month. I honestly think that not all middle income families can afford that rate. And TM made a net profit of more than rm2 billion in 2007. And there’s just no fun in dial-up internet.

    Everything are expensive here. EVERYTHING!

    But what happened to my sons were just school children going through the process. As for the elder one, he just have to learn to be more assertive. The younger one, it was the softer side of him. He is actually just as mischievous as the next boy, if not more. But I am keeping close eye on the situation. The other day, Muhammad started to charge for the drink, and Isyraf paid 20 sen for a couple of sips! Attaboy!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  3. My son is schooling at the same school as your son. He is in standard one. up to today (15/2/08) we’ve bought him 5 boxes of colouring pencil and can’t really remember how many pencils (50 maybe) uncounted erasers, 2 scissors (which the second one also lost due to this pinjam2 case) and a long list to come. as you said, maybe (and again .. maybe..) this is the process everybody has to be in .. I don’t know.

    BTW, a good blog! will come visit again!

  4. Puan, I read your comment with a huge smile. 🙂

    There were a few cases of senior students “borrowing” money from “freshies.” Those were clear cases of bullying by inexperience bullies. Monies were never returned. But I have told my sons on what to do in those situations: simply say no, and run away if need be. It never happened again since.

    I don’t know if you attended the PTA’s AGM. There were more good stories there.

    And yes, at the beginning of year, Year One especially, my wife would buy school’s stationery (pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, scissors, sponges for Art classes, etc.) in bulk!

    And thank you for visiting.

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