Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, January 26, 2008


A lively event. Much more colorful than last year. There is a dialog this time around. Informative. More open. At times aggressive. Apparently there is a website? Welcome to the jungle.

Beginning with the usual formalities, things became more alive when it was time for “perkara-perkara berbangkit” and dialog with parents. This is made possible with the purposeful absence of political dignitaries and other VIPs.


This was probably the most pressing subject, even during last year’s AGM.

Apparently the main problem was the low water pressure from the main water supply. The water couldn’t get up to the second and the third floor restrooms’ water tank. This is especially difficult for Year One students. There was a suggestion for external water tanks. Currently the school is placing a temporary tank in each restroom.

Some of the toilets were damaged too badly that fixing them is costly.

The school and the PTA is in the process getting tenders to build a new restrooms house.

Elected Officials for the 2008 Session

President Ahmad Said bin Omar
Deputy President Zainuddin bin Sajuri, Dr.
Secretary Shahril Anwar bin Paimin, Ust.
Deputy Secretary Rosnani binti Yusran, Ustz.
Treasurer Sri Najihah binti Basri, Ust. Cik
Committee Member (Parent) Ishak bin Aris, Associate Professor Dr.
Committee Member (Parent) Mazlan bin Abdul Malik
Committee Member (Parent) Mohd. Rahim bin Ali
Committee Member (Parent) Md. Jaffry bin Masat
Committee Member (Parent) Siti Rohayu binti Mohamad Kassim
Committee Member (Teacher) Jamhari bin Md. Desa, Ust.
Committee Member (Teacher) Mat Ali bin Tukiman
Committee Member (Teacher) Zulkifli bin Mohammad
Committee Member (Teacher) Rohaiza binti Mahmud, Puan
Committee Member (Teacher) Arnie Ruzita binti Ahmad Tarmizi, Puan
Committee Member (Teacher) Nadia binti Salbini, Puan
Auditor Ahmad Samsuri bin Mohamad
Auditor Zaini bin Nasuhah, Dr.
Work Committee Member Mohd. Azlan bin Mohd. Arshad
Work Committee Member Mohd. Khairi bin Hussain, Dr.
Work Committee Member Mohd. Asri bin Abd. Ghani
Work Committee Member Aspalela binti Abd. Aziz, Puan
Work Committee Member Saifullizan bin Abd. Wahid
Work Committee Member marlina binti Othman, Dr.
Work Committee Member Suzara binti Makpol
Work Committee Member Kamaruzzaman bin Ismail, Haji
Work Committee Member Azman bin Ismail, Haji
Work Committee Member Mohd. Yamin bin Abd. Manaf

Next meeting: 16th. February 2008, Saturday. 9:00 am. Be there! Or be square!




  1. This school is wonderful..

    Thank you

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