Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Thursday, February 14, 2008

It’s Official: Malaysian 12th General Election is 8 March 2008

The Press Conference to announce the Election Day of Malaysia’s 12th. General Election started at 11:40am (+8GMT) at the Election Commission Headquarters in Putrajaya today.

The announcement is as follows:

15-Feb-08 Writs will issued to all management officers at all 222 parliamentary seats.
16-Feb-08 All notices will be issued.
24-Feb-08 Nomination Day Sunday.
8-Mar-08 Polling Day Saturday, the first day of school holiday.

The Commission will use the Electoral Roll as gazetted on 5 February 2008.

There are 10,922,139 registered voters. 10,701,054 General Voters. 21,085 Postal Voters

There are 30 political parties currently registered with the Election Commission.

There is an increase of about 670,000 registered voters since the last election. The last election saw a voters turnout of about 75%.

Campaigning can only be done from the Nomination Day until the day before the Election Day. All included is 13 days.

This time, the voters’ registration numbers shall not be noted down on the counter foils of the ballot papers. The ballot papers will still have serial numbers. This was done for the first time last year during the Sarawak State Election.

Election Act clearly states that it is an offense to treat people by the candidates. But enforcement is by the police. If there is corruption, it has to be investigated by the proper bodies. The candidates shall not be involved in these kinds of activities (promises, giving treats, etc.).

There will be no outside observer. The Election Commission has no authority to elect or appoint such observer.

On voters who are above 100 years old, the Election Commission’s system is directly linked to the National Registration Department’s system. As long as the system does not say that the person has died, he is considered alive. The fidelity of the data is the sole responsibility if the National Registration Department. Only those whose names appear in the gazetted Roll can vote. So there is no question on phantom voters.

Returning Officers are usually School Principals, or Senior Civil Servant, not politician.

Last words by the Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, “Hari Mengundi Jangan Tidur!” Don’t sleep on Election Day! Go out and vote. Exercise your right to vote. He is happy that there is a greater awareness by the public to participate in the electoral process. He hope the media will play a positive role socializing (memasyarakatkan) the electoral process.

Hence the initial prediction was off by 7 days. Not bad.

About 12:20pm.


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