Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Sunday, March 9, 2008

Malaysia 12th Election 2008: Welcome to The New Era

Yes, this is a pivotal moment in Malaysian politics. It did cross my mind early yesterday that may be I would get to see non-BN to rule the country in my life time. May be. There is no need to rewrite and copy and paste just for the sake of web traffic. Complete results are all here. But for the first time in history, there is no two-third majority in parliament. Let’s see how democracy really works.

Mukhriz won!
Mukhriz won!
Courtesy of Minnaq Jinggo here.

Just now saw a glimpse of an old friend on TV1 standing next to BigDog in the Mukhriz entourage. Ansara members, among others, supporting their President.

We wanted change, and now we got it. So its time to prove it. That is the even harder part. We screwed up in Terengganu before. All lessons should be learnt.

By the way, did anybody watch the All England and KL Open yesterday? Just like the election, some lost and some won. I watched some. During the match between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Jin from China, the commentator said that all Malaysian were rooting for Chong Wei right now! What!? The commentator had no idea!

Welcome to the new era. Let’s get to work.

الله اكبر! الله اكبر! الله اكبر!


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