Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, March 21, 2008

New Life as Assemblyman and Exco

Newly elected Wakaf Bharu Assemblyman and appointed Kelantan State Executive Councillor in Charge of Agriculture, Rural Industries, and Biotechnology was in the west coast yesterday. He was with Kak Sal and their youngest daughter, Fatin.

YB Che Loh at Seri Tanjung

Their eldest daughter had just completed her matriculation studies at the International Islamic University Nilai Campus. Farhana wanted to read Law.

As for the new life, the work itself was already in his blood for most of his life, except for the protocol for the Muslimat. Functions that involve the Royalties have protocols that new faces have to get used to.

The Muslimat can’t wear their regular jubah and tudung labuh (long scarf). They must wear the baju kurung and the triangle scarf (tudung segitiga). And the baju kurung and the scarf cannot be in simple pattern or pastel colors. Flowery motifs and bright colors preferred. No psychedelic stuff allowed, though. And, of course, the platformed leather shoes, but not the Naomi Campbell types.

The Sultan wants to keep the status quo.

All the best to the new The Honorable.



  1. GJ,
    How did the forum turn out? I like the theme, Jiran Sepakat Membawa Berkat.

  2. Forum turned out ok. Just ok. 😦

    Flat dwellers are not easy to come together.

    And I’m a slow writer 😳

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