Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, March 28, 2008

SRAI BBB: New Television Set @ The Canteen

New TVThe school has last week installed a new television set at the canteen area. It looks like a very good idea. 8)

This single session school begins at 7:30am and ends at around 4:00 to 4:30pm. After which a lot of the students will hang around until their transport arrive to take them home. Some arrive before 4:00pm, some arrive much later until after 6:00pm, and there is a case when a parent picks up a student at after 9:00pm! 😡

Children are children. When they hang around with not much to do, they will play, run around, and do things that sometimes one can only imagine. Being children, they can be quite active, even tough they are actually tired from the close to 7 hours of school.

Some hyper-activity can lead to vandalism, and it is difficult to control when there are more than a thousand students running around the school yard. This is where I salute the new security guard manning the gate. Sometimes he will carry a small cane in his hand just for show. He never uses it, but it works wonders. I totally agree, at least for my children. I myself don’t think I can control all these Power Rangers flipping around even with two AK-47s in my hands! 😆

When there is no official curriculum going on, the school try to calm things down by asking those who are still around to perform the ’Asr together at the surau. Maybe less than 5% follow this directive. 😆

Now with the television set at the canteen, the place does look a little more peaceful in the compound. The TV9 is children friendly after 3:00pm. The television is only turned on after school hours.

I picked up my boys at around 4:45pm yesterday. There were about thirty students hanging around the canteen. All eyes glued to Catdog.

Glued to CatDog

Smilingly I said to my boys that it was time to go home. They didn’t budge. I knew I was in trouble. Then I made a deal. We would go home as soon as CatDog ended, at 5:00pm. They said ok. SpongeBob would start about 5 minutes after CatDog. I rushed them out of the canteen before it was too late. And they were in good mood, too.

Glued to CatDog

This is pro-activity at work. I hope the school keeps up with innovations like these. More photos here.


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