Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Monday, April 14, 2008

Halal or Haram

I personally have always subscribed to the principle that the term “halal” and “haram” should be left alone within their Islamic definitions for fear of abuse and adulteration. Not that the abuse and misuse aren’t already widespread.

Here is an example. A local news cum tabloid daily apparently has its own idea of what is “halal” and what is “haram.”

Tak de permit...Haram!!
The Man: The Police said that “Black 14” still has no permit.
The Lady: No permit means haram…


It should be translated as “No permit means illegal,” but then it shouldn’t have used the word “haram” in the first place. “Tidak sah di sisi undang-undang” would be more accurate, but, of course, it would not say what the writer really wants to say.

I guess it means that if whatever it is has a permit…

Anchor Halal
Carlsberg Halal
Guinness Halal
Toto Halal
Photo before editing courtesy of Khayal.


  1. tengok la tue, sapa yg tgh bebaris beli 4D? siap pakai baju melayu.. isk isk isk.. tue la sebab semua pun kena permit hahahahha.. bodo!

    Saya bodo!? Tak kan datang ke sini dari jauh-jauh nak panggil saya bodo.

  2. Ini isu linguistik, khususnya dalam bidang semantik.

    Mari kita tanya apa kata Ketua Pengarah DBP, Dato’ Dr. Firdaus Abdullah, yang sibuk mahukan undang-undang mempolisi penggunaan Bahasa Melayu.

    Terima kasih Puan. Saya bila jumpa Dr. Firdaus tu, setakat bersalam aje adalah, nak sampai tanya pasal semantik ni, belum duduk satu meja lagi.

  3. […] or Haram 02 Merely 3 months pass by, and we have it again. No permit means […]

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