Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, May 2, 2008

Update on Kak Dah 3

On Wednesday afternoon, 30 April 2008, Kah Dah went through a “keyhole” procedure for the third time in the last two months at HUSM’s DSA Room.

Apparently–and this is in layman talk–the liver and the gallbladder got stuck together. I’m not sure what that means, medically, but this is no time to interrogate the family members. So the doctors were trying to separate the two organs so they would function correctly. The procedure failed the last two times. But this time, it seemed to have worked.

Even though the operation was considered successful, the results can only be seen in about two weeks. The eyes are still bright yellow, the stomach still bloated.

Earlier today, around 4am, Kak Dah had trouble breathing again. Doctors began working on her immediately, and did not allow anyone near her bed. Basically it was her pneumonia kicking in. By about 5am, her breathing was back to normal.

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