Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, May 10, 2008

Che Azizah Zaad Retires

This lady was already teaching when I started in Setapak High School, more than 30 years ago. A young beautiful single lady who taught, among others, Form 6. Today I read in Sinar Harian that there was a Farewell Ceremony for The Senior Principal yesterday. I didn’t know that there was such a position as Senior Principal (Pengetua Kanan).

It was too bad that Mr. Peter Tey never received such accolade. He had to leave on a sour note in early 1981. No one even realized that he was gone. But I guess one wouldn’t helm a school for 10 years for nothing. So despite my own personal grudge, I still went to see him and shook his hand when I saw him at Malam Kilauan Emas.

Che Azizah's Retirement in Sinar Harian 10 May 2008, page S4

Anyway, I used to feel bad about the teaching profession. Its nobility versus the peanut salary. Until I saw what Che Azizah drove to school on 20 January 2006. Peter Tey used to drive an old beat up Volvo.

What Che Azizah drove to school on 20 January 2006

Actually, Puan Hajjah Che Azizah @ Che Badariah Saad, AMN KMW, has a husband who can help her afford these things. Besides, E 240 is not that expensive anymore these days, relatively speaking.

A little bit more about the Farewell Ceremony can be found here along with some first hand photos by a former student.

Click on the image to view the larger version for better readingUPDATE 15 May: Sinar Harian wrote a complete article, finally, about the Farewell Ceremony. Click on the snapshot to view the larger version in order to read the article.



  1. Mazlan
    Puan Azizah was my form 5 form teacher. She taught me BM. I can’t seem to access the Farewell Ceremony link you had provided up here even by signing my blogger access. You know how to contact the author?


    Puan Azizah never taught me, but I know her, and I spoke to her personally at the school a few months before that Flamingo night. I even had my two boys “salam” with her. 🙂

    That girl has recently made her blog private. I guess she got tired of old people like us reading her blog. 😀 The contents are mostly meant for people her age. I can never write like her, even if I try.

    In that particular write up though, she wrote about her experience having to sing in the choir during the farewell ceremony. She was waiting for her STPM results then. And she took some photos.

    Her father has a blog that is not private. You can see “kak ngah” in his blogroll.

    I do not know how to contact her, but her name is Farah Syahidah bt Shamsuddin. The father wrote a little bit about her in one of his recent postings here.

    There, good luck.

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