Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr. Mahathir: Following the Tradition

So the great leader has followed the footsteps of his predecessors. Actually he hasn’t quite. He just decided to suspend his own membership, pending the resignation of the current party President and Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. What kind of decision is that? But that no longer matters. And he is asking those who are supposed to be with him to follow suit.

Dr. Mahathir after announcing his departure from UMNO, courtesy of The Star Online
Fans gather: Several people surrounding Dr Mahathir (centre) as he leaves the forum venue after announcing he was quitting Umno in Alor Star Monday. Courtesy of The Star Online

Sanusi Junid, too, has resigned from UMNO two days earlier. But Sanusi is no longer relevant to UMNO now.

I wonder who will really follow suit. His son the Member of Parliament who is going for the Youth Chief position, who has been with him all along? Those suck-up UMNO bloggers who couldn’t find a single fault of his administration?

I guess this is the time when you’ll know who is friend and who is foe.

But Mahathir knows better. Pak Lah won’t quit.

In 1987/88, Mahathir himself didn’t quit when pressure came mounting. Even when the court of law found UMNO to be illegal, Mahathir didn’t quit. He just came up with the new UMNO. Nothing to it! And eventually all of his foes then came back begging. Where is the principle? But this is politics. There is no principle!

When one leads UMNO and the Malaysian Cabinet, there is just too much at stake, especially power and money. Pak Lah is neither indispensable nor invincible, but he still got a few trump cards up his sleeves. So if people really want to see Pak Lah go, they have to bring him down. Don’t expect him to say goodbye like Hussein Onn did.

The latest update today says that Mukhriz is not leaving … yet. He will be criticizing UMNO from within. Haven’t I heard that before? From someone who is now saying he is the leader in waiting? Now, what did I say about politics?



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