Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Texans Have Arrived

Three girls of Rohaizad‘s ten children, Bushro (13 15), Firdaous (12 13), and Khansa (9 12), have just arrived safely from Arlington, via Los Angeles and Taipei in Air India on vegetarian food.

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It was wonderful to see them live for the first time. After all the photos and long distance communications, it feels like we’ve known each other all along. They told me that Abdullah (17) is only 6 feet tall, that is about 183 centimeters, and he plays football. That’s American Football for you Devil maniacs out there. 🙂 See Rohaizad’s family structure here.

They say their first ever plane trip, a 20-hour plane trip, was great, and they don’t think they speak American English too fast.

I hope this stay will be a memorable one for them, and for the rest of the family here.

A few more photos here.


  1. Mazle,
    It is great to have a reunion of far flung family members sometimes. Didn’t they say distance makes the heart grows fonder?

    Well, just try not to stay too far apart and too quiet for too long. Coz you may run out of topics for conversation and the relationship may end up being insignificant.

  2. Come come lote anak anak dara kawan kita ni, sayang, saya tak dak anak jantan……yang dok belakang sebelah kanan sekali berjanggut sejemput tu rasa rasa macam kenai saja hehe…

    Kalau nak betui-betui kenai, mai Bangi bagi la tau, boleh pekena Satay Kajang. Anak-anak dara tu cakap Melayu tak gheti, cakap omputih kalah George Bush.

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