Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SRAI BBB on Sale: Kokis Mazola

This is going to be the beginning of a series of postings related to what are being sold to our children at Sekolah Rendah Agama (Integrasi) Bandar Baru Bangi that I find a little disturbing, in one way or another, at least to me.

I had been putting it off for a while until I saw proof yesterday that this particular item was being sold, in my opinion, waaaay over-priced.

Click on the photo to view it in full size in a new window...
The “Kokis Mazola” peanut butter cookie sold at the canteen of SRAI BBB. Shown here next to a 50sen coin to show its size. The cookie itself is also actually being sold for 50sen each.
Click on the photo to view it in full size in a new window...
This is some of what’s written on the label:


Kokis Mazola

No. 2 Lorong Maju Satu
Taman Maju
Jalan Woo Saik Hong
36000 Teluk Intan, Perak
Tel / Fax: 05-6213790

80 keping x 20¢

Guna Sebelum: 4.6.09


Basically it was a peanut butter cookie made using the well-known Mazola® cooking oil recipe.

What was really disturbing to me was the price. Just by looking at the cookie, we could tell that it should not be expensive. At least my wife and I could. But when the saleslady said, “50sen,” I could not believe it. I kept quiet initially, and showed it to my wife. She could not believe it, either. 50sen each!?

Later I told my son not to buy it again, because it was too expensive. We could buy it elsewhere, where we knew it was much cheaper. But my son really liked the cookie.

Today my son wanted to buy it again, and I said no. And I took the trouble to snap a photo of the label pasted on the cookies’ container. Of course, it had Jakim’s Halal Logo on it. But what really disturbed me was the retail price printed on the label: 80 keping x 20¢. That meant that the item was sold at an even cheaper than the 20sen price, wholesale.

So the cookie was recommended to be sold retail at only 20sen a piece. The canteen operator, however, jacked it up to 50sen. 150% increase. No one was looking.

The economy might not be doing so well now, but I thought this was ridiculous. For goodness sake, these were school children, and this was not an elite school. And the food was in no way elitist.

Perhaps, gone were the days where school children got special pricing for their food.

The canteen operator didn’t like the fact that I took a photo of the container. As soon as I walked away, the cookies and its container were taken off the shelf. My son later told us that the cookies were usually placed at the girls’ section of the counter during recess.

I wonder if I were the only one who found this expensive.

Feedbacks were greatly appreciated. I had hoped that parents could give some feedbacks. We needed feedbacks. Some were afraid of commitments, not wanting to rock the boat. I, for now, wouldn’t mind sticking my neck (or my children’s necks 😯 ) out.

There were other items being sold, not only by the canteen operator, that I found unnecessary, or too expensive, or unsuitable. That would be for other postings to follow that would not be as winding as this one, hopefully.



  1. wallah…
    samah ( 50 cent) ek?mahai gila.nanti sy balik TI,sy bli manyak2…

    Ye, mahai gila. TI?

  2. Nampak gaya kena ada jawatankuasa yg memantau canteen tu… (ke, dah ada?) – the price, items being sold, cleanliness, etc… kalau dah ada, how often pemantauan dibuat?
    Mentang2 murid2 takde pilihan lain, suka hati diorang je nak hike up the price eh?
    Boleh bring up kat PTA meeting ni….I doubt parents lain tau pasal ni. Thank you, for highlighting this.

    PTA meetings are usually for bigger and more pressing issues, as I found out. Discussion can get long and petty. Getting parents and teachers to attend meetings is not easy, due to conflicting schedules.

    And I don’t know if there is such a committee. At least not under JAIS. The school Principal has full discretion, and she now has her hands full without much support. Pretty much the same as other SRAI Principals.

  3. hangpa dah cek ka betoi2? aku dok tanya anak aku, kuih tu 5 kupang dpt 2. hang wat lawak la. harga yg dok kt label 2 hrga lama, dah pak lah dok umum naik minyak terkejut2 mana depak smpat tukaq arga, tolong cek tengok….

  4. kuih tu 2 keping lima posen……….
    manalak hang beli sekeping 5 kupang, jangan wat kenyataan yg tak betoi……
    kte orang selalu beli la……..

    Tuan Selamat, penggunaan tatabahasa tuan sungguh membanggakan. Anak saya memberitahu saya yang dia beli satu kuih itu dengan harga lima puluh sen. Saya tak percaya. Lalu saya suruh dia pergi beli kuih itu, dan saya perhatikan. Anak saya ambil satu kuih itu, kemudian dia beri kepada pekerja kantin itu 50sen. Pekerja kantin itu ambil duit 50sen itu, dan kemudian buat tak tahu sahaja. Ianya berlaku di hadapan mata saya. Itulah sebabnya saya berusaha menyediakan catatan ini.

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