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Abdul Rahman Alabaladi

There is an article today about this man, known as Mr Alabaladi, in The New Straits Times, whom I had the pleasure of meeting, when I stopped by his house, during my Day on a Campaign Trail in Wakaf Bharu in March.

Tok Wakil Tn. Hj. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi and Alabaladi
Tok Wakil (now YB Exco) Tn. Hj. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi visiting Tuan Alabaladi in Wakaf Bharu.

NST Online » Local News

A blind man with a melodious voice
By : Sulaiman Jaafar

Abd Rahman Alabaladi with his home-made musical instruments
Blind musician Abd Rahman Alabaladi with his home-made musical instruments. He is playing a saxophone while a flute (on his left) and kecapi buluh or bamboo harp are within reach. — NST picture by Fathil Asri

TUMPAT: He may be blind but singer-musician Abd Rahman Mahmud or Abd Rahman Alabaladi as he is known to his fans here, also made a few of his musical instruments.

For over three decades, Abd Rahman, 64, who is well known in the east coast for his melodious voice singing qasidah or religious songs, has been giving performances both here and overseas.

The father of six used to get invitations to perform in several countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, China and Thailand.

“I’ve been to many countries but they all seemed the same to me as I couldn’t see their beauty,” he said jokingly during an interview recently.

This wise-cracking man, who is famous for wearing his trademark red fez or tarbush (Turkish headgear), is not shy to make fun of his disability and said it is the best way to warm up the crowd.

He performs as a one-man band — playing the musical instruments, singing and cracking jokes regularly — at shows and also weddings.

When he is not performing, Abd Rahman makes and sells home-made traditional medicines and ointments, and travels all over the country to sell them at markets and public places.

Although he normally sings religious songs in Malay and Arabic, he actually has a wide repertoire of songs including oldies by P. Ramlee and other local singers.

“Allah took away my eyesight but he gave me a sweet melodious voice in exchange.

“I have no regrets,” he said at his one-storey brick bungalow in Jalan Kebakat here, which he built a few years ago using the income from his singing and medicine sales.

By his side was his wife, Siti Mariam Abdul Rahman, 54, who acts as his manager and assistant during his performing gigs.

Abd Rahman joined a ghazal group in Penang to learn the art of singing and playing musical instruments in his youth as he wanted to become independent.

Over the years, he learnt to play the accordian, gambus, flute and keyboard and later experimented in making his own instruments.

For example, the home-made kecapi buluh or bamboo harp and a saxophone, were made in the 1990s using plastic pipes and bamboos.

Abd Rahman or Abe Meh as he is known locally, said he lost his eyesight at the age of six due to high fever. He received his education at a pondok or religious school near his home here.

As for his strange stage name “Alabaladi,” he said it was from the title of an Arab song, Alabaladi Mahbut (My Beloved Country), by famous Egyptian singer Ummi Kalthum which he and a few friends sang in a national nasyid singing competition in 1981.

They won the competition and he went on to record the song which was a hit among the locals here. And thus, he was stuck with the name “Alabaladi.”

As for his children, Abd Rahman is proud that four of them are university graduates while the youngest two are still studying at local universities.



  1. Mazle,

    I have been waiting for Ustaz to perform in Pasir Mas as he usually did at the corner spot reserved for traditional medicine seller. Haven’t manage to get him thus far and I am happy that you blog about him. He is a living legend in his own way. He plays the keyboard too and that helped him a lot when doing his one man show as he could fill in with a full orchestral accompaniment.

    A master with the bamboo harp, his song and music is very soothing to listen too.

    Thank you for the post.

    I’m still searching for that Ummi Kalthum song on the net 🙂

  2. pengen kenal.

    Pengen kenal kembali.

  3. Kau idolaku…Kau segalanya


  4. yg terbaik

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