Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PTA Meeting Announcement For The SRAI BBB Parenting Seminar

Looks like there will be an emergency meeting of the PTA of SRAI BBB tomorrow night at the Resource Center for the coming Parenting Seminar to be held this 19 July 2008.

Emergency meeting? Well, less than 24 hour notice via SMS, to be held at night. What else would you call it?

These night meetings are gonna kill me. Hopefully the discussion won’t stray into politics, especially the current events. May be I’m gonna get fired, who knows. Mind boggling allegations are rampant, these days. So long as it ain’t sodomy, I guess I can handle it.

The SMS announcement from the Secretary is as follows:

Satu P’jumpaan AJK,PIBG. Utk progrm “parenting seminar 19Julai” oleh En.M.Azlan M.Arshad(ajk,pibg), 2hb.7.08(Rabu) 8.30mlm. d P.Sumber SRAI BBB. – S/u PIBG

Sent: 1-July-2008 21:33:03


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