Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, July 4, 2008

’Ala Baladi el Mahboub, My Dear Beloved Country

’Ala Baladi el Mahboub
(My Dear Beloved Country)
the song made famous by Umi Kalthoum from Egypt
circa 1935

Transliteration and Translation by the Oh My God Aswan Dancers here.

‘Ala Baladi al Mahbub Waddini
(Take me to the country of my beloved)
(Riyadh al Soumbati music – Ahmed Rami – lyrics)
(translated by Nabila Shehadeh and Mimi Spencer –

‘Ala baladi(l) mahbub(u) waddini
Take me to the country of my beloved
Zad wagdi wil-bu’di kawini
My passion has increased and the separation is burning me

Ya habibi ana ‘albi ma’ak
Oh my beloved, my heart is with you
Tul(il) layli sahran wayyak
The whole night I am staying up with you

Titmanna ‘ayni ru’yak
My eye wishes to see you
‘Ashkilak winta tiwasini
I’ll cry on your shoulder and you’ll comfort me

Ya mafir ‘ala bahr an-Nil
Oh you traveller to the river Nile
Ana liyya fi masri khalil
I have a friend in Egypt

Min bu’du ma banam il-layl
And after the night goes to sleep
‘Ala baladi al-mahbub(u) waddini
Take me to the country of my beloved


  1. […] for his strange stage name “Alabaladi,” he said it was from the title of an Arab song, Alabaladi Mahbut (My Beloved Country), by famous Egyptian singer Ummi Kalthum which he and a few friends sang in a national nasyid […]

  2. good.

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