Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Halal or Haram 02

Merely 3 months pass by, and we have it again. No permit means “haram.”

Tak de permit...Haram!!
The Man
Today the People’s Alliance is organizing the anti-fuel price hike rally.
The Lady
Apparently there is still no permit for it. That’s haram…

I just don’t believe haram means illegal. Haram is haram. If illegal means haram, then what does haram mean?

If you go to the hyper-markets today, products that are haram, such as liquor and pork, are labeled as non-halal. What is non-halal? Liquor and pork are haram! Now you can probably label Parkia speciosa as non-halal, because petai is arguably makrouh.

Parkia speciosa or Petai
Parkia speciosa or Petai, from Wikipedia

And what about cigarettes? Of course, those who smoke say it is halal and perhaps even saintly. Isn’t that a surprise? Heck, we may just as well stick the Jakim Halal logo on those cigarette boxes.

But many say that it is not quite halal. Since there are conflicting views, is it non-halal? Sensitive issue? Why? Because cigarette makers are some of the most powerful lobbyists in the world? Because even some Muslim preachers smoke? Because even some of the most influential politicians smoke? What are in those cigarettes, anyway?


One thing is clear. Cigarette manufacturers are given permit to operate in Malaysia. So if we were to go by Abang Kita at Sinar Harian, cigarette is NOT haram. Linguistic and semantics be damned!



  1. Emm… Protes tu dah jadi Karnival Jom Protes..

    Rasanya baiklah kita buat macam bersih… serah memorandum kepada Istana.. lagi canteekkk….

    Ye, ye. Tapi itu kira halal ke haram tu?

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