Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, August 9, 2008

So Much About Conflicting Schedule

Late yesterday evening, my younger boy mentioned in passing that today they don’t have to wear their school uniform. Just wear the sport suit and bring along color pencils.

What? What kind of replacement class is that? Are you sure?

Yes! Teacher said so!


I don’t know. Teacher said there will be a gotong royong.

What does gotong royong have to do with color pencils?

I don’t know.

When were you told about this?

During assembly this morning.

Ahaa. The Senior Assistant didn’t mention it to me when I met her today.

But only about the gotong royong. A teacher made an announcement on the PA in the afternoon about the color pencil.

The elder boy didn’t hear anything about the color pencils. Must be playing a lot in the classroom, I presumed.

This is mind boggling. So I SMSed his Class Teacher for confirmation. The teacher replied that a circular has been issued in early August that today there will be a replacement class, so the school will have an outdoor activity.

I replied that I have seen the circular and have already published it here, and it has also been published at the PIBG blog. And according to the circular, the replacement class today shall follow the Tuesday schedule.

The teacher replied that will have a gotong royong and a safety talk.

I stopped there because the teacher doesn’t have the final say on the school’s activity.

This may sound nit picking. But consider these two examples.

  1. My neighbor. One Saturday, his son woke up quite early for a Saturday. The son looked at his parents’ faces, and said that he had school that day. School? A replacement class. Why didn’t you tell us earlier? The son gave a stone face. Any letters from the school to inform us about this? The son gave a stone face. But there’s no more clean uniform. We always wash all of your school uniform on weekend. The son gave a stone face. How can you go to school without uniform? So the son had to skip school that day, because there’s nothing clean to wear. Because the school relied on immature 9-year-olds to relay important information.
  3. My wife’s colleague. Her son came back from school, and told her that there would be school that coming Saturday. The father asked the boy for a letter from the school saying so. The boy could be flying kite, as far as the father was concerned. Well, the boy was only 8 years old. There was no letter. The father said no, no letter, no school on Saturday. Come Saturday, the boy was probably the only one not going to school.

Then late at night, the taekwondo instructor SMSed that the tournament has been postponed to Sunday. Those participating should be at the venue at 7:30am. If interested, I can still register my sons.

So much about conflicting schedule.



  1. Assalammualikum;

    Apa nak hairan; my kids pun a same. Nasib baik my wife tanya dia (Alifah 8years old) samada ada kelas ganti on Saturday. Dia kata ada. Tanya ada surat dari Sekolah ke? Ada! Mana dia? Alifah jawab – tak tahu, hari itu adik letak atas meja. Tanya our maid, dia mula cari dlam longgokan mails. Jumpa, kertas A4 dah kerat 4. So I sent her to school on Sat (kelas dia petang 12-5). Terpaksa ubah jadual. Earlier kita orang dah plan nak balik Seremban (Nenek dia buat kenduri sambut Ramadhan). Nasib baik kenduri nak buat malam lepas Isyak dan panggil caterer. Kalau tidak buat kena marah free dengan mak tak tolong.

    Petang ambil dia balik sekolah. Tanya dia apa buat kat sekolah – dia kata tidur dan main je sebab only 15 students showup from 48 in the class.

    Anyway that is the story from ‘Bolehland’.

    I guess it is one of those things that we just have to go through when our children go to school.

    But some things can be avoided. In today’s age of technology, we can have it published on the school’s website. Perhaps an automatic mailing list of all parents.

    Information can also be posted on a notice board that all parents can read outside the school.

    It is a matter of effort.

    Thanks Jock.

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