Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Prof is a Star

The Prof has always been behind the scene, as far as what he does goes. But this time he got caught in the media camera cross fires, somehow. He wasn’t identified, but he was more prominent than the Prime Minister himself, nonetheless. But only in the printed version, mind you. Here it is, above. If you want a younger frontal view, you can go here. Hah, anti-climax, eh?

The photo above was taken at the Federal Territory Hawkers and Petty Traders Congress 2008 in Kuala Lumpur two days ago. The entire article in yesterday’s The Star with the photo can be graphically viewed here. The online version, minus the photo, here.

He was my mentor, of sort. Despite everything, this was the man who taught a barely 17-year-old, who practically knew nothing, how to cook rice on a gas stove. I then spent almost 10 years cooking practically perfect rice on a gas stove, before I actually bought an automatic rice cooker. He taught me how to clean the bath tub properly. He drilled me on how to write minutes of a meeting. He gave me tips on how to deal with pesky reporters. He protected me from being slaughtered at a students association’s Bi-Annual General Meeting. His omelet-style fried egg with button mushroom and scallion topping was my favorite. He also taught me that cleaning the kitchen is part of cooking. When you’re done cooking, the kitchen is also supposed to be cleaned. This is the one thing I find almost impossible to impart on my fellow countryman or woman.

Those were more than 26 years ago. I couldn’t learn enough, and no sooner I was already on my own. No one can know a man well enough, but from the little bit I know of him, I would tip my hat off. He would always have a unique place in my history book.

He had written many things, including this. After all these years, I’m still waiting for his nasi minyak.

Prof, this one is for you.



  1. Now I know of your blog …

    Alahai, only now? And the Prof wouldn’t comment himself? Welcome to my comment section …

  2. You didn’t give me the address …

    OK now you know. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Please come in often.

    A few friends commented here.

  3. I had always thought he would go into greater things in politics. Probably he is more comfortable doing things behind the scene as you mentioned. Two things cropped [up in] my mind ; the poster of Che Guevera on the door and Teratai. And I learned baseball rules from him watching the Yankees game.

    Thank you Roslan for being brave enough to put a comment here 😀

    Some wouldn’t dare be known in public to have any association with the man. But he’s alright, you know. Rezeki masing-masing.

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