Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Monday, August 18, 2008

Cigarette Anyone?

Smokers in Malaysia ‘burn’ rm3.14 billion annually or rm8.59 million daily by smoking. This amount is exclusive of the medical cost for smoking related diseases that kill more patients every year.

The 2006 National Health and Morbidity Survey Statistic noted that 21.5% (2.73 million people) of the population in Malaysia smoke, contributing to the 1.25 billion people of world’s smokers.

Although the effect of nicotine on the human brain is yet to be fully known, many studies have been done to overcome nicotine addiction.

It was estimated that cigarettes would kill 1 billion of the world’s population in this 21st century should the current smokers keep smoking with the addition of new young smokers.

From Mingguan Malaysia, Kesihatan, Sunday, 17 August 2008, page 3.



  1. Salaam

    I was once a smoker, a late starter actually. Had started smoking only after I got a job. Let me share how I stopped this nasty habit, follow this url

    Salaam Tn Hj,

    After more than 30 years of marriage, my late Father finally stopped smoking almost instantly when my Mom gave him the ultimatum: “Either the cigarette leaves, or I leave!” But it was too late. A few years after that, he suffered from the effects of years of chain smoking for the next fifteen years or so, until he passed away. The entire family suffered along just trying to get along with him.

    Naim (our exSetapak High) wanted to stop smoking. One day he was transferred from Labuan to Kuantan. No one in Kuantan knew him. So he told everybody in Kuantan that he didn’t smoke. He hadn’t smoked since. So he said.

    From your recommended techniques of quitting smoking, I’d like to add this. Try to instill in you the hatred towards cigarettes, not necessarily the smokers.

    When I was a little boy, I used to see my Father coughed out fresh blood. During his sick old days, he often had appointments at the Institute of Respiratory Medicine (or better known as Institut Perubatan Respiratori or IPR, formerly Pusat TB Negara or the National Tuberculosis centre), at Jalan Pahang, next to Hospital Tawakkal.

    More than 90% of the patients there were inflicted with smoke-related diseases. You name it. And the medical costs of these smoke-related diseases was mostly borne out by the government. The cigarette manufacturers were nowhere in sight to help out. And these costs were higher than the amount of income taxes that the government collected from those cigarette manufacturers. The BATs and the Phillip Morrises do not provide even a single penny towards the maintenance of the Institute, nor the medical care of its patients. In fact, they’d be more than happy if they could to sell cigarettes to those patients and doctors there.

    Their social obligations were not towards those patients with smoke-related diseases. What they publicized were the incentives they provided the small tobacco growers, scholarships to a few students, and contributions towards the landscaping of some roads in Bangladesh.

    I happen to know someone who is currently the chief of BAT in a third world country. He never touched his basic salary of more than rm50,000 per month. His allowance is already more than he can spend. I also know an engineer at Phillip Morris. Although Phillip Morris engineer’s salary is nothing compared to BAT CEO’s. But who actually pay for those paychecks, if not those poor smokers who were going to suffer in their golden days, who then also dragged their loved ones to suffer along trying to take care of them? The non-loved ones didn’t suffer, because they only showed up at the burial, if at all.

    This is the modern day version of the Opium War.

  2. Sorry but I too can’t stand smokers, their odour and the smell that they make to others…

    Bencinya kalau badan, pakaian dan tudung aku ni bau asap rokok yang disebabkan oleh perokok yang tak tahu bahasa..merokok tak kira tempat, orang keliling atau anak kecil…

    Odor and smell, however, are not quite valid reasons to quit or to ban smoking. You can go have sumptuous roti canai at your favorite mamak restaurant, and come out smelling curry all over. Not exactly the best of perfume.

    Never mind what the National Fatwa Council and some State Religious Councils have decreed. Considering what the cigarettes are actually doing to people, that is basically helping to kill them smokers, how do you feel about earning money from cigarettes? Or taking money from people who earn from cigarettes?

    Ever heard of the Mafia going to church on Sundays, and put a thousand dollars on the plate? It is what they do on the weekdays that matter!

  3. hi.. stumbled into Gurindam Jiwa while looking for info on gifted children.

    I, too, can’t stand the smoke from the smokers (I’ve got friends who smoke like chimneys)… the reason for not being able to stop smoking they gave me was ‘susah nak berhenti’ (it’s too difficult to stop). The side effects of smoking or the ‘golden days’ of smokers are NOT deterrents. A friend once told me, ‘you rokok tak rokok, kalau dah nak mati, mati jugak’ – hardcore smokers? hehehe

    Any brilliant ideas to knock these hardcore smokers? Anyone?

    Sorry, no brilliant ideas. Drinking liquor, too, can be addictive. But when the directive came down that prohibited drinking, the Companions simply dropped those bottles from their hands. We hear and we obey.

    And we can’t relate anything else with death, really. Death is death. Everyone WILL die, the sick and the healthy, the old and the young. Smokers, and non-smokers. That cannot be prevented, smoking or not.

    What can be prevented is the agony and tribulation of the people who have to take care of those suffering from smoke-related diseases. Not to mention the patient him/herself. What also can be prevented is the suffering of those who got smoke-related diseases from second-hand smoke!

    If smokers really want to die, they might as well drink poison.

    If they are going to suffer from smoking in their old age, who cares? But their agony is going to spread to their loved ones, their close family members, and perhaps their friends. That is the problem!

    We are going to die regardless, but do not to cause any hardship on the people around you, and the society as a whole.

    And the cigarette manufacturers and their stakeholders, all they care about is the profit.

    Some stupid extremists may kill a few people in the streets, but smart cigarette manufacturers are actually killing and/or causing hardship to billions of people around the world everyday! And they do this in disguises such as sponsoring some auto racing competitions.

    I can go on and on and on…

    Oh, thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    Debates are welcome.

  4. waalaikum salaam Mazlan

    yes I agree with you, we have to be anti cigarette and not anti smokers. the smokers can be helped if they are willing to seek for it.

    i have been busy lately, could not dropped by in here that often. till then.

    Busy is actually good … for all of us.

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