Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hamizan Haidzir @ TV9

Someone I haven’t seen in a while. I believe since 1997. Suddenly there he was on TV, promoting the Anti-Drug Agency’s booth at the Sua Rasa Expo in Johor Bahru. In a wild rush, this was all I got with my PowerShot.

This man, at any time, can recite any part of the Qur’an in Arabic, along with it’s translation in Malay and English.

And a lot more.

Prof Madya Ainullotfi bin Abdul Latif (YDP JIM Johor) dengan Hamizan Haidzir
The photo is a July 2008 news by JIM Johor that includes brother Hamizan on the right.

An update, a little nostalgia from one of Pak Lah‘s old personal album.

a little nostalgia from one of Pak Lah's old personal album
Hamizan standing on the right. The man wearing a suit is already an arwah; al-Fatihah. His passing in Malacca Hospital’s ICU was my saddest moment as an exNew Haven. The man standing next to Hamizan is still single, but getting married soon, insya’Allah. Slurping away is our Jelapang here. Berani slurrrp, berani tanggung. Smiling on the left, friends just call him GA. Ga could play the guitar and read the Qur’an at the same time.


  1. yes!!!!!! i know this guy too!!!!

    Thanks Jelapang.

    Ni Jelapang Padi ka, Jelapang Jarak? Minyak dah turun harga dah ni, Pokok Jarak mungkin tak laku lagi kot!


  2. jazakallahu khair for this shot.

    He was my naqib in US…a ‘sang murabbi’ who has taught me the true meaning of brotherhood.]

    Thank you for commenting here. Sorry for the low quality shot.

    Masih berkelanakah?

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