Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Wednesday, November 19, 2008

La Rizz La Kamera

After sending my wife to work, and my eldest son to his Bahasa Arab & Hafazan class at SRAI BBB this morning, my other boy and I went straight to La Rizz Restaurant in nearby Sg. Merab for breakfast. As usual I got out of the car with the camera in hand. My son and I went straight to the roti canai guy and ordered us some.

Then we went to the air-conditioned room to book us a table. We got one with three chairs at a corner next to the kitchen, close to the door to the food area. I sat my son there, confirmed his order, and went to pick up and order other food/drink.

I looked around, and decided to buy the fried rice to take home for lunch. I picked up a styrofoam container and filled it with fried rice. I got the container in my left hand, and the rice scoop in my right hand.

Obviously I wasn’t holding the camera by then. So this was where things got a little blurry. I couldn’t remember when the camera left my hand.

I then went to the counter with the fried rice. Standing at the counter, I reached for a plate, and picked up a baked potato and a half-boiled egg. When the cashier attended to me, I ordered some drinks, and paid for the whole order. I went back to the dining room with a plate of baked potato and a half-boiled egg in one hand, and fried rice in a styrofoam container packed in a plastic bag in the other hand.

When breakfast was done, we walked straight out with me holding the plastic bag in the left hand, and the handphone and car keys in the right hand. I would usually carry my camera in my left hand. We went to the 7-Eleven two doors away to buy newspapers. Then we got into the car and went straight home.

Canon PowerShot A550Reaching home, at the parking lot, as we were about to get out of the car, I automatically tried to grab my camera where I would usually place it, in a compartment next to the cassette rack. Only then I realized that there was no camera there. What a shock!

I immediately drove back to La Rizz, and asked the cashier if anyone had seen a misplaced camera. Perhaps my anxiety got the better of my conscience, the cashier sounded intimidated when she said that no one had seen any. I guess I could understand her apprehension. She pointedly said to me that she did notice I didn’t have my camera along when I was at the counter earlier. She recognized me as one of her regular patrons. I left her my number, just in case.

So I lost my camera today. It was a gift from Allah via my wife. She bought it for me on April 26, 2007. 573 days and around 16,000 clicks of still photos and a few home videos. Sorry Pah.

I already had plans, but it seemed that others had plans for me, too.




  1. Sorry to hear about your camera. Through experience living in Malaysia, do not expect to get it back. BTW, the price of cameras are going down and you can get a much better specs with decent price. Cannot imagine yourself without one. So start shopping.

    Thank you. Have been doing so for a while. Perhaps this event sort of force it to happen sooner.

    When I came back in 1994, I made the mistake of packing all my photography equipment for shipping by sea. All that were left later were stuff that couldn’t be sold at the street corner.

    So I haven’t had a camera for about 10 years until 2004, except for one assignment in 1998 that required me to use a camera, and I managed to borrow one.

    But there was a blessing to not having a camera. I wouldn’t have been able to afford the hobby here in Malaysia, anyway, and the advancement of digital technology would have rendered the camera and accessories obsolete by now. Instead, I was able to polish my skill and knowledge in other areas to where I am today.

    But now I feel that I am ready to take the plunge again.

    Please do’a for me.

  2. Salam En.Mazlan, saya turut bersimpati dan terasa juga sedihnya atas kehilangan kamera berkenaan. Saya rasa kamera berkenaan banyak juga merakamkan aktiviti di SRAI BB Bangi.
    Moga Allah susun rezeki yang lebih baik buat En.Mazlan sekeluarga, insyaAllah dimudahkan Allah untuk memperolehi kamera yang lebih baik

    Terima kasih. Semoga Allah makbulkan do’a Puan.

  3. Tumpang simpati atas kehilangan tersebut. Sentimental value tu. Apa2 pun, Allah lebih Mengetahui…
    Now you’ve got a good reason to get a new camera 🙂

    Thank you. Reasons I have plenty. It is the thing that I need in order to buy a new one that I don’t have enough.


  4. Pakcik ni kalau hilang kamera memang haru la..Sorry to hear that.
    Semoga mendapat kamera yang lebih baik dari yang hilang itu!!

    Ha ha, terima kasih.

    Mak saya kata, orang tengah buang air aje yang saya tak ambil gambar.


    A camera is like an extension of my hand.

  5. salam perkenalan
    dah ada pengganti ke?
    sy ada banyak kamera yg idle – rangefinder, p&s, dslr dll. kalu minat, drop by lah di my ofis sek 9
    maybe we can learn something from each other…


    Tiada lagi pengganti. DSLR memang minat. Jenama/model apa? Ofis yang mana satu? Iklankanlah.

    Am an old dog, nothing to teach, and can’t be taught… :mrgreen:

  6. tak kluar nama tadi?

    Haaaa, ni keluar dah.

  7. ofis belakang al ikhsan sport sek 9, sebelah mamak, no 15-1A. normally sy d ofis awal pagi & lewat ptg…call dulu b4 dtg

    Pleasure meeting you today. The offer was too good to refuse. May be we can work together on the school magazine.

    Just wondering if you know this Nawawi.

  8. salaam
    semoga allah merahmati semua yang membantu sahabat saya yang kesusahan ni terlebih-lebih lagi encik alias. yang berdoa pun ramai, begitulah kita sesama muslim saling tolong menolong

    Terima kasih Tn Hj. Bila la kita ni nak jumpa ye…

  9. insyaallah the day will come

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