Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Sunday, December 7, 2008

A New Life: Mustofa

6 December 2008
8 dZulhijjah 1429H
7:04pm (UTC +8:00)
Head Circumference
An-Nur Hasanah Specialist Hospital
Bandar Baru Bangi
Consultant O & G
Dr Khamsiah Hj Muda
Wishing all the Blessings of Eid Adha.
Salam Hari Raya Qurban.


  1. Tahniah buat En.Mazlan sekeluarga; semoga menjadi anak yang soleh.

    Terima kasih. Puan sorang sahaja yang berani memberi komen di sini, walaupun ramai yang jenguk.

    Dan gambar tu tidak akan ada tanpa ehsan suami puan. Mungkin tak lama lagi boleh pulangkan. Ribuan terima kasih.

  2. Mazlan,

    Congratulations to you and wife, though another boy again. Hope the mother and son doing fine and in good health. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

    Thanks Tn Hj,

    You know, a couple drummed up a light conversation with me in the elevator at the hospital. Then suddenly the guy popped THE question, “Anak ke, cucu?”

    Hah!!! Anak ke cucu!!?? Son, or grandson!!??

    😆 😆 😆

    Right then and there, I started to giggle. Just couldn’t help myself. As I recovered, I answered slowly, “Anak.”

    He replied, “Saya, cucu.”

    I still couldn’t stop giggling as we stepped out of the elevator.

    😆 😆 😆

  3. tahniah. Mustofa is a good name. may allah bestow whole of your family the greatness, kindness, wellness and blessings of al-mustofa, amin.

    Thanks Tn Hj,

    A seven-year gap.

    When I prepared the first bottle of milk, I did it ALL wrong. I put 2 scoops of milk in the 2-oz bottle, then I just filled it up with boiling water. Who’s gonna drink that?

    It is almost like having my first baby all over again.


  4. hmm…tahniah!
    yr foto got d distinctive newborn smell
    …& snowing ke kat sini?

    Terima kasih, tuan.

    My current budget reluctantly allows me the new Canon EOS 1000D with a cheaper Canon-compatible flash. What do you think? Any recommendation?

    The snow is a seasonal feature to celebrate the year-end holidays by

  5. now is nikon’s high time (since D3,D700 etc intro last year). nikon & canon saling at d top every 5-10 year cycle. canon normally won by marketing, dealer incentives, produk promo etc tp nikon normally won by their optical performance & ergonomics.

    above all, any camera is just as good as d person behind it. bg sy, just a tool to express ourselves

    ps- tak leh lah share lens / flash / accessory 🙂

    Tu dok pikir jugak tu. Nikon pun ada jugak dalam price range tu. Kalau tak silap D60. Ada spot metering as opposed to EOS 1000D. Tapi tak de LiveView. Kalau Nikon, boleh pinjam telephoto tu kan? He he… Obviously a Nikon fan?

    I’ve been reading on Canon since 1979, ha ha… But lost touch since the introduction of EOS. Sedih juga bila baca pasal Canon bashing.

    So what say you on the D60? Or any other model in that range. As for lens, I would like something that is real sharp at the telephoto range. Tapi mahal la kan… 😥 Most standard zoom lens I see are only real sharp at the wide range.

    BTW, when it comes to camera and accessories, I have nothing at all to share. Except may be old boring tales…

  6. Salam En Mazlan,

    Tahniah untuk En Mazlan dan keluarga dengan kehadiran Mustofa.

    Btw, saya kenal En Mazlan & isteri dari jauh2 je terutama pagi2 semasa hantar anak2 saya ke sekolah. Anak saya yg naik ke darjah 3 sama kelas dengan anak En Mazlan .

    Terima kasih, terima kasih.

    Kenal ye? Alahai segannya. Tapi orang yang rambutnya macam rambut saya ni memang susah nak menyorok. Apatah lagi dengan cermin mata yang saya pakai ni… 😎

    Apa nama anak tu?

    Be careful, you are slowly revealing your secret identity here. 😉

  7. tahniah! a new life, a new beginning.
    semoga mustofa menjadi anak yg soleh, dan membawa kebahagiaan kpd keluarga. amin!

    Ameen. Terima kasih.

  8. You are not that old, except for the hair 🙂

    Talking about camera, I purchased a canon 350D with a compatible flash but it turned out the pictures are worse than my compact automatic unit. It is not as sharp and the lights are not easily controlled. I guess I am not a good “manual” photographer. Got to learn from you some day.

    Reason I bought Canon over Nikon is more of sentimental attachment. Remember my Canon A1 black body I first bought in the States? It was stolen when I brought back here 😦


    That is not a bad 3-year-old 8MP camera. I would’ve a lot of fun with it. I would’ve loved the A1, too. Of course, a Nikon fan would probably disagree 😉

    My late father forked out rm600 of his EPF withdrawal in 1985 so I could buy the AE-1 Programme, when I was back on vacation here. Do you still remember how much you paid for your A-1? My father wanted to buy me a rm200 watch instead, which I rejected flat out. I already had a rm35 watch, so why would I need another watch?

    I bought the AE-1P @ Selangor Photographers @ Pertama Complex KL that came with a 28mm lens. The camera and the lens served me well for 9 years. I never had a problem with it. I later added a tripod, a compatible flash (a Sunpak), another Canon zoom, another Tamron telephoto, a Quantum external battery-pack for the flash, a digital spot meter, an array of 52mm HOYA filters, a Kodak neutral test card (Kodak gray card), and a decent bag.

    Oh yes, you guys in Binghamton probably remember that I was the one who bought a tripod (a SLIK U-212) in 1982, even though I didn’t have a camera, yet. 😀 The tripod somehow got lost when I was moving out of George Street.

    Later in New Haven, I again purchased the same model tripod at Service Merchandise. It was only around USD100 back then. It is still considered a very good tripod for a lightweight camera, even by today’s standard.

    Seattle FilmWorks was my main film supplier/developer. They are now called PhotoWorks®, a subsidiary of American Greetings. I believe their old movie films can still be processed by Dale Laboratories in Florida.

    The camera, all those lenses, the tripod, and the flash were stolen at the local shipping warehouse in 1994. I couldn’t find the rest now after several times moving places these last ten years. There’s no point in carrying things that no one can use anymore.

    When you have used an SLR for years, like me, a point-and-shoot alone will never do. But then, beggars can’t be choosers. So how much are you selling that 350D for? 😉

  9. Tahniah atas kelahiran Mustofa. Semoga anugerah terbaru ini akan memberi sinaran kepada kehidupan keluarga Mazle. Harap maaf kerana tak sempat singgah di Bangi atas sebab yang tidak dapat saya khabarkan.

    Terima kasih Pok Zawi.

    Memang sinaran yang berkilau-kilauan sekarang ni 🙂

    Tak singgah tak pe. Singgah blog tinggal komen ni pun dah besar hati. Apa kata lagu tu? “Bila ku terima surat adinda, serasa badan datang sendiri…” 😳

      Biar pun jauh di seberang sana,
        Dinda tak lupa sehingga mati;
      Bila ku baca komen kekanda,
        Seperti badan datang sendiri.


    Mungkin saya singgah Pasir Mas seminggu dua ni, insya’Allah…

  10. haa…dah jadi thread fotografi ke?

    try goto & select any kategori d kanan…..
    no need for d best of camera+lens to produce great foto.

    speaking of real sharp telephoto, rasanya any prime – 60, 85, 90, 100mm, … samada ori, third party, lama – will blow almost any midrange ori zoom except yg 2.8, as well as lighter, smaller & cheaper.

    ok, happy hunting 🙂

    Tak pe Tuan, ini personal blog. Anything goes 😀

    I’m looking for the best combination that fits my financial constraint for my first dSLR investment. Something that is flexible enough to go through most shooting sessions, and reasonable enough to make other people gladly pay for the effort. Great photos and talent aside.

    Yes, it is only a tool. But it would also be nice to have a tool for a specific job. I guess that may come later when there are more resources. Insya’Allah. Do’a do’a do’a.

    Thanks for the great link.

  11. As I said before, you have good memories. You still can recall all those things in details. I couldn’t remember how much I paid for the A1 except it was purchased in NYC. And I can remember the lens was 1.4 (dont know what it means) when everybody else had 1.8.

    I am not departing from my 350D anytime soon. I am looking to upgrade the lens to higher range (possibly to more than 100 mm ).

    Yes I can still remember about your cameraless tripod. Though could not understand why you made such a move.

    Usually it denotes the maximum aperture–the opening inside the lens. It is commonly written as f/1.4.

    We are already too old to go into those algorithm. Can’t even remember the area of a circle anymore, ha ha ha…

    Basically the smaller the number, the bigger the aperture, and sometimes the more expensive the lens. The bigger the aperture, the more amount of light that can enter through it. That’s why sometimes they are called “faster” lens. So you can take pictures with it in even less light.

    To people like us, the difference between 1.4 and 1.8 is like the difference between spaghetti no. 5 and spaghetti no. 6 😆

    As for the cameraless tripod, it is too silly even for my standard to explain it here, he he… 😳

    As for the memory, it is pretty good, yet selective. But the short term one is really terrible.

  12. tahniah walaupun dah terlalu lambat..tak sangka dah bersalin dah cik Tipah.

    Terima kasih. Tidak terlambat pun, masih dalam pantang…

  13. what an angel! .. what a good name as well … tahniah! lama tak jenguk ke sini tak sangka dah tiba orang baru itu… tahniah again …

    Terima kasih, terima kasih.

    A doctor of Arabic descent at An-Nur commented on the spelling of the name. He said the correct spelling should be with TA, not TO. Point noted.

    I chose the spelling because I was more concerned with the Malays’ tounge around us. The moment they see TA, they’ll be going TAAPAA!! I prefer they stick to Mustofa to get closer to the real meaning.

    Thank you, again.

  14. mabruk (aik, komen awal ana tak lulus ko?).

    moga jadi aset buat ummat!

    mustofa, ibu (dan ayah) harap baik belaka

    Syukran Sheikh! Mustofa, ibu, ayah, dan abang-abangnya yang lain baik-baik belaka.

    Komen awal Sheikh ana tak nampak pun, walaupun ana terima SMS enta. Mungkin tersesat di alam siber.

  15. TAHNIAH!!!! A BOY!!! Kahwin lagi 1 mungkin dapat a girl 🙂

    Terima kasih Sop. BTW, I think you need to adjust your alignment lah Sop, asyik nak corner aje… 😉

  16. Hait ! I’m reading this. Bad influence !

  17. Hah Sop, can you read my wife’s comment?


  18. […] Mustofa came along, it was a bundle of joy for the whole family. We have been waiting and preparing for the […]

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