Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Prof is Under The Knife

A lot of people are putting their lives on the line daily, all around the world, for all kinds of reasons.

Today, right now, the Prof puts his life under the surgeon’s knife at the IJN by undergoing the coronary arterial by-pass graft surgery for his acute triple arterial blockage.

He was in good spirit when I saw him yesterday, as always. The Prof is not the kind that likes to wear his heart on his sleeve. But if one looked close enough, one could surely see.

When he gets through this, the post-operation is certainly no honeymoon for him. He would have to rest for at least 6 months, which means that he won’t be able to work.

The Prof exercising his lung at the Dahlia Ward at the National Heart Institute yesterday.

We may hold difference of opinion, we may have different political views, and we agree to disagree. But we are still old friends.

May Allah bless him with the inner strength that he surely needs, now more than ever.



  1. Salam…pengalaman saya keluar masuk bertugas di bilik bedah serta turut sama dalam team2 yg berkenaan menyedarkan saya dan juga rakan para doktor yang lain betapa kerdilnya kita di sisi Allah. Seorang sahabat saya seorang doktor pernah memberitahu,”…kita dok manage patient kadg2 tak sensitive dgn perasaan sebenar mereka yg bertarung antara hidup dan mati…I pun macam tu, sehinggalah satu masa I was on the table (tempat diletakkan patient semasa operation), emergency ceaser (Cesarean section) utk delivery, hanya Allah yang tahu,” katanya.
    Didoakan moga Allah mudahkan pembedahan Prof ini.


    Dr, from the photo above, can you tell us about the apparatus the Prof is using?

  2. To me, it is just like spirometry; an apparatus to measure our lung capacity – if I’m not mistaken, any surgical case related to cardiac – it is essential to exclude any obstructive or restrictive lung disease; also to anticipate the appropriate treatment and possible complications after surgery.
    If the gadget is used for lung exercise; that would be something new to me.

    Thank you Doctor. The “lung exercise” was merely my caption. It is one of those writer’s things, you know. 😉

    I guess it was also sort of an exercise, because the Prof was told to do it at a regular interval in order to keep the meter reading at a certain level. We here are still crossing our fingers. No news is good news.

  3. adakalanya a visit like this makes people wonder..siapa lawan..siapa sebenarnya kawan!

    Tak berapa paham lah komen ni. Boleh perjelas sikit lagi?

    Diwaktu sakit begini, kawan dan lawan saling menziarahi.

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