Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Friday, January 30, 2009

My Heart Bleeds For All

Emotions have been running wild lately.

When Mustofa came along, it was a bundle of joy for the whole family. We have been waiting and preparing for the whole nine months. Even our two boys were anxious to see their new little brother. His arrival was so close to our wedding anniversary, and two days before eidul adha. A good Samaritan even lent us his Nikon D60 that I used for the occasion. We couldn’t be more grateful.

While at the same time, all kinds of news were taking place, locally and abroad. The biggest news was, of course, from Gaza, which was an international news. What else to write other than what had been written? Hearts were bleeding everywhere.

Then there were some rather personal news. An old friend had arterial blockage. He needed a triple bypass surgery. The news is made worse by the fact that he had no money, no savings, and no medical coverage.

But Allah is the Greatest. Help came in. The surgery went well. Despite the anxiety, friends and family members were relieved.

Then tense moments came. Less than half a day into post-operation, his blood pressure level went all over the place. He was back into the ICU.

He was already an insulin-dependent diabetic. Arterial blockage wasn’t the only problems with his heart. His renal functions weren’t too much fun to talk about, either. He had been in the ICU until now. Current Status: Critical.

The Prof @ the Cardiothorasic Intensive Care Ward, 1st. Floor, The National Heart Institute. Photo courtesy BigDogDotCom 24 Januari 2009.

Then another news came by. A friend of a group was having a moving out sale. An employee of Motorola Multimedia was found to have a brain tumor, back in August 2007. After an operation and post-operation procedures that involved chemotherapy and physiotherapy, he seemed to be doing well.

Then late last year, the tumors came back. He was back into Ampang Puteri. While busy doing physiotherapy, he got a slipped disc that forced him to be bed ridden. The tumors were not going away this time. The doctors weren’t optimistic. So the family decided to bring him home.

Here he was with some family members and friends to see him off via an ambulance to USM Medical Center in Kubang Kerian.

May Allah bless him, too.

Family members, friends, and paramedics sending off Mohd. Makhzani Ab. Ghani at Ampang Puteri Specialist Center last Friday. 23 Januari 2009.
Kucupan Azimat… from two very young children. 23 Januari 2009.
Lambaian Seorang Isteri… hiding all the emotions with such strength. 23 Januari 2009.


  1. …..moga Allah memberikan kekuatan buat mereka

  2. Makhzani….
    Kak Hida harap semoga Allah merahmati mu..
    Senyummu sentiasa di hati…

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  4. A quote from an e-mail message earlier today:

    … akhi Makhzani bin Abdul Ghani telah pergi menemui penciptaNya untuk selama-lamanya pada malam tadi 11.05 pm (23/5/09) setelah dua tahun berjuang melawan brain kanser. Beliau berusia 33 tahun dan meninggalkan seorang isteri dan 2 anak perempuan 5th dan 3th. …

    Prayers and do’a to the family.

    انّا للہ و انّا الیہی رجیعون


  5. A message from one of his closest friends who made it to the funeral:

    W’salam.. Alhamd blk ni sempat solat jenazah dia dan kebumi skali.. Sempat juga tgk wajah dia masa nk kebumi tu.. Alhamd dia meniggal dlm keadaan baik, wajahnya senyum dan bersih sekali


    Prayers and do’a to the family.

    انّا للہ و انّا الیہی رجیعون


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