Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ada Lagi Gambar Bogel (More Nude Photos)

Saya sudah merasa mual dengan pendedahan gambar-gambar kurang sopan ahli-ahli politik tanah air. Seolah-olah perkara ini suatu isu yang baru dan aneh di kalangan ahli politik, dan juga bukan ahli politik. Seolah-olah kita sudah kemandulan idea untuk memikat hati rakyat.

Rasanya perbuatan YB itu pun tidak tertakluk di bawah Undang-Undang Syariah, jadi apalah yang kita boleh buat? Tapi kalau itu pun hendak dihebohkan, saya ada gambar-gambar yang lebih memberangsangkan dari itu.

Tak tahulah apa nak jadi, kerana mereka yang di dalam gambar-gambar ini semuanya didapati memakai tudung, tetapi langsung tidak memakai baju dan kain/seluar!

Gambar-gambar sedemikian tak dapat saya paparkan di muka depan blog ini bagi menjaga kepentingan pihak-pihak tertentu. Oleh itu saya lampirkan di sini hanya capaiannya sahaja untuk tuan pembaca budiman nilai sendiri. Kalau nak ceplak buat “hiburan” sendiri pun, ambillah…

Untuk menontonnya silalah ke Bertudung, Tapi Tidak Berbaju. Apa Nak Jadi!?

I am sick of all these exposés of our political masters’ indiscretions. As if these issues are really new and odd, among politicians and non-politicians. As if we are bankrupt of ideas in how to appeal to our people.

Besides, what the exposed did was out of bound of our Syariah Laws, so what we can do about it? But since we are to sensasionalize such things, then I have even more exposing pictures for you.

I don’t know what have we come to, but in all these photos, the subjects were snapped wearing only the head scarfs, without wearing anything else!

I cannot post these pictures in the front page of this blog in order to protect the interests of certain parties. I, therefore, will give you readers the link to the page for your own asessment. You can even download it for your own "entertainment," if you wish.

In order to view those photos, please go to Headscarfed, With Nothing Else. What Have We Come To!?


  1. e…eleh…buat suspen je. Ingat bebetul nak link ke page dot…dot…dot… 😉 …Bahaya….

    Ish ish … ini memang bahaya nyer… 😉

    Pas tu orang lain tak berani nak komen lak tu… hu hu…

  2. Your link remind me of one Indonesian movie….kisah seorang yang (melalui skrip) cuba menjual gambar boge*. Rupa2nya dia just jual gambar kuda belang.

    Recent developments may force me to retract my remark about that Syariah Law.

    I’m not easily shocked, but this one is a bit disconcerting. The man not only sold his soul, but also his religion, and his race. At what price? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  3. Things are getting out of hand. Perhaps we should have seen it coming. Perhaps we were too blinded to see.

    Eli did mention the boyfriend‘s name in her first posting after the General Election.

    We are too blind to see.

    This whole thing reminds me of the Saiful Bukhari Azlan still-pending story.

  4. Salam En.Mazlan, I was actually just to recall some of my light moment during childhood. Regarding the current issue, I do feel the shock (even more severe once I was told the culprit is MUSLIM); I never know eli..but in my heart…. she really knows her job very well. May Allah open her heart to Islam.

    Wa’alaikumussalaam Dr. Malina,

    I understood your comment well, and I appreciate it.

    It was just that I found recent development a little too unbearable for me. And the light banter may not do it justice. She really didn’t have to quit, simply because of these two photos. Those photos are really nothing anyway.

    These in-fighting are not going to take us anywhere.

    I have always been on the principle that Islam is the fairest of all. So why need something that is called “fair” as an alternative? But Islam is not something that you just wear on your sleeve. You must carry it in your soul, and practice it wholeheartedly. And you don’t do it for yourself. May be that is why some can never join something that would want to carry Islam all the way. Too extreme, some say. Perhaps the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was an extremist to them.

    Have you read BigDog’s latest posting? These rumors are not new, but now the other party are taking it out in the open. So who is going to benefit?

    ASLIM TASLAM. I hope I got it right.

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