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Junk Food Directive: What about schools NOT under the MOE?

This is what I had been trying to say all along. May be not as explicitly. Perhaps the language got in the way. But a little reading wouldn’t hurt; after all, educators were supposed to be educated. It doesn’t really require a directive.

A little year-end feast for the class is good. To require carbonated drinks for the feast is NOT good. This isn’t just my opinion, this is worldwide opinion. Health-conscious educated opinion, at least. What’s wrong with, say, fruit juice or lemonade? I found it a little mind-boggling when the teachers themselves asked the grade-school/primary school students, to bring along carbonated drinks for the feast.

Oh, what’s a little carbonated drink we say? When out of control, we were actually talking about health effects, obesity and weight-related diseases, dental decay, hypokalemia, etc.. And we haven’t even touched on fitness routine, yet.

We should start somewhere, and grade school/primary school was as good as the place.

And I’m the one who got blamed for criticizing. Duh… stupid me!

Graphic’s credit NSTOnline

April 25, 2011 21:56 PM

15 Food Items To Be Banned In School Canteens

KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 (Bernama) — Fifteen food items deemed unhealthy for children have been proposed by the Health Ministry’s Nutrition Division to be banned in school canteens, Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin said Monday.

She said these included instant noodles, candies, preserved food, food containing artificial flavor, processed food like burgers, and carbonated drinks.

Rosnah said in line with the proposal, which would be finalized next month, the ministry had also identified 60 types of healthy food like fried rice, “kuetiaw” soup and noodle soup to be sold by canteen operators.

“We are now looking into this as the matter needs support (from canteen operators),” she told a press conference after opening the 1st Conference of the Association of Science Officers of Ministry of Health (ASOMH) here.

Almost 250 science officers from the ministry, universities and private sector are taking part in the two-day conference aimed at encouraging innovation and knowledge sharing.

Rosnah said the proposal on the sale of healthy food was vital as the research conducted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia revealed that in 2000, the obesity rate among children aged between seven and 12 was 9.7 per cent, while in 2008, it had increased to 13. 7 per cent.

On other development, the deputy minister said on average, only 25 health product patents were registered by the ministry at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) between 1990 and 2000.

The number continued to increase in 2009 when 270 patents were registered, merely a 36 per cent increase from 198 patents registered in 2008, she said while admitting that the commercialization level of intellectual property in the country was still low.

Hence, she said in order to attract more science officers to come out with new innovations, the government was providing various incentives including a grant of RM15,500 to researcher, besides the royalty of 80 per cent from the commercialization of the research and development products.




  1. Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is and it is good idea. I support you. 🙂

  2. Yes, it is mind-boggling that the teachers asked the pupils to bring along carbonated drinks to school for the pupils to consume! Everyday! Wow! What is happening here? What type of teachers are they? They are the ones who should have told their pupils not to consume carbonated drinks excessively but now they are telling their pupils to drink carbonated drinks everyday! And to do that at school! The school authority must punish those teachers! What? The teachers did not ask the pupils to bring carbonated drinks to school everyday? They are asked to bring the drinks only for their little end of the year feast? That is all? I say, why make such fuss, Gurindam Jiwa? Is it a haram drink? No? Come on Gurindam Jiwa, be a sport! They are to enjoy a little extra sugar from a bottle of carbonated drinks. That’s all. And for a special occasion too. That sugar will be gone from their systems before the day ends what with their vigorous avtivities. Please do not dampen the teachers’ spirit. No wonder school is dull now. There are so many observers focusing their eyes on the activities at schools that teachers are reluctant to organize anything nowadays for fear of arousing the ire of some good intentioned souls but quite troublesome to the teachers. If the small boys can consume the whole bottle of carbonated drinks which is 1.5 ltrs it is quite an achievement! But will it cause any harm to the children for drinking 1.5 litres of carbonated drinks a month? Or even a week? Aww come on Gurindam Jiwa, that end of the year feast is held once a year. It is where the children are given some leeway to enjoy themselves with their friends in a safe environment. After that the school will be closed for one and a half months. They are not going to see each again for another 45 days. And maybe they’ll never see each other again when a few of them move away because their parents are moving for a new job. For the year six pupils, that little feast will be their last feast at the school. Next year they’ll study in a secondary school. So can you understand how the teacher tried to put a little excitement to cheer up the life of the pupils for their last days in that school? It is a sad occasion you know? And it is not an everyday activity to drink carbonated drinks in school. I hope after this nobody will raise an objection at the school for wasting the pupils time in organising a little end of the year feast! When that happens, schools are as good as a prison! Teachers will be more like prison wardens than educators. I hope such day will never come. By the way, Chongkak Part and Resort, if I’m not mistaken, is not in Hulu Selangor (a district) but in Hulu Langat (another district) which are nearly 100 km apart. Between these two districts there is Gombak District in the middle. But if I’m wrong, I’m very sorry.

    Thank you for a very articulate, objective, and straight forward response.

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