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NGV is Safe for More Than Most

30 December 2011 • 5 Safar 1433

Competent and professionally installed and maintained Natural Gas for Vehicles / Compressed Natural Gas (NGV/CNG) system is quite safe. Especially when equipped with the necessary safety devices and periodically inspected.

“NGV/CNG is an old and proven technology over 70 years of history. Natural Gas rises and dissipate into the air easily. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) ignites at a 600 degree celsius. Natural Gas fuel circuit has no air inside, resulting in low-flammability. NGV cylinders are much less dangerous than a petrol tank in case of collision. Natural Gas for vehicle has a higher octane rating than petrol (130 vs 95). Natural Gas combustion is complete at any ambient temperature. Engine Oil is less contaminated if operating in NGV. NGV exhaust gasses are not corrosive. Natural gas eliminates scavenging action inside the engine cylinder chambers. NGV engines presents great performance flexibility during acceleration. NGV are able to switch between natural gas and petrol mode. NGV doubles up driving range with both CNG and petrol. NGV operates in all terrains, even across mountains. NGV/CNG works in all climate condition including extreme hot and cold. NGV are NOT underpowering vehicle at all.”

Those are just a few arguments, on how safe is NGV/CNG, found at NGV Hijau’s site here. And many other sites provide many more details and statistics. Numerous studies have shown that NGV/CNG vehicles are as safe as any conventional vehicles, if not safer. Insurance companies have no reservations about insuring them.

But you can never take anything for granted. Any type of fuel can be dangerous if handled improperly. And accidents do happen.

My condolences to the family of 40-year-old Allahyarham Samsudin Muhamed, of ST2-3-2 Kelompok Seri Tanjung, who passed away at around 9:45am this morning at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (TAR) Hospital. The body shall be buried at his hometown of Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan later today.

A hard-working father and well-respected neighbor, he left behind a wife and five school-going children.

May Allah bless his soul, and place him among the true Believers’. And may Allah give enough courage to his family to bear this loss.

انّا للہ و انّا الیہی رجیعون


There are now at least TEN (10) orphans at Kelompok Seri Tanjung that I personally know. Contributions are welcome.

Harian Metro 29 Disember 2011: Kereta Meletup
Oleh Mohamad Naufal Mohamad Idris

TUNGKUS-LUMUS…anggota bomba berusaha memadamkan kebakaran pada kereta mangsa

SHAH ALAM: “Sebaik berhenti dan belum sempat kami keluar daripada kereta, tiba-tiba kereta kami meletup dan terbakar. Dalam keadaan panik dan terkejut, saya terus berlari meminta pertolongan,” kata Mohd Hailani Pangat, 43, yang melecur teruk di lengan kiri dan leher apabila kereta dinaiki bersama rakan tiba-tiba terbakar di pekarangan tempat meletak kenderaan di Stadium Shah Alam, di sini, semalam.

Dalam kejadian itu dia bersama Samsudin Muhamed (ST2-3-2 Kelompok Seri Tanjung), 40-an, berhenti seketika di kawasan itu apabila terdengar bunyi pelik di bahagian enjin kereta yang dinaiki mereka.

Menurutnya, sebaik cuba keluar dari kereta, kenderaan itu tiba-tiba meletup dan terbakar menyebabkan mereka disambar api.

Mangsa kemudian dikejarkan ke Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang, untuk rawatan kecemasan.

Sementara itu, Ketua Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Shah Alam, Muhamad Hisham Sidek, berkata, sebuah jentera bersama lima anggota dan seorang pegawai dikejarkan ke tempat kejadian sebaik menerima panggilan jam 3.27 petang.

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