Posted by: Gurindam Jiwa | Sunday, February 27, 2011

Price comparison: Mydin & Econsave

We went shopping today for our regular monthly requirements at Econsave in Bandar Baru Bangi. Nothing particularly special, except for one interesting item: the 1.7kg canned Anmum™ Essential Growing Up Milk Powder for 1 year olds and above with Honey by Fonterra Brands. The EAN Barcode is 9415007027683>. Item name: Anmum Essential 1+ Honey 1.7kg.

Anmum Essential 1+ Honey 1.7kg

What is so special about it? Econsave is selling it for rm74.90 per can.

Then we went to MyMydin, a sister store for the grand Mydin supermarket chain. There it was sold for rm61.80 per can.

A difference per can of rm13.10!
Click on photo to see bigger picture.

A difference per can of rm13.10! Go figure.



  1. Mazlae,
    So much cheaper! I will walk the distance to get that amount of saving. Unfortunately I don’t have a baby to feed the Anmum on. I doubt any of my children uses them either.

    Wow, Pok Zawi. Lamo tok denga koba. Sihat ko? Blog pun lamo dok update…

  2. Actually now I know! Anmum is coming out with new packaging with new pricing to reflect the increase in wages and bonuses and benefits of their senior executives. So the one at MyMydin must’ve been from the old stock. Those at Econsave were newly packaged products. It was hinted to me by one of the supervisors at Econsave. Lucky me?

    The rm74.90 price is actually for the new 1.6kg can [rm46.8/kg]. The Mydin’s rm61.80 is for the old 1.7kg can [rm36.4/kg].

    So the difference is actually rm10.46/kg.

    Depending from which angle you’d look from:
    At 1.6kg the difference is rm16.74
    At 1.7kg the difference is rm17.78

    Either way, I’m gonna have to fork out an additional rm10.50 per kg of the new milk powder.

    The baby, on average, has been consuming about 11kg per month. That’s an additional of rm115.50 on the new pricing. He’s growing, so he’ll be consuming more to come. So we’ll be spending close to rm600 per month on baby’s formula alone.


  3. salam GJ,

    Menarik posting ni …tapi memang kena buat comparison la …saya ni rumah kat meru so selalu jugak ke econsave kat alam jaya. Tak semua harga barang murah …tapi econsave ni best sebab masuk je jumpa dept syur dulu…anyway …very good posting….saya selalu masuk blok kak ana salwa connected to you from her blog …

    Wa’alaikumussalaam. Terima kasih singgah sini.

  4. Econsave’s latest promotion:

    18/03/2011 — 29/03/2011
    Anmum Essential 1+ — Plain/Honey 1.6kg

    sebelum RM74.90 jimat 7%

  5. That’s what you called MARKETING ! But beware, for a single item that attracts you there, you may be ended up paying more for your whole basket of goods. So, if you know MARKETING, then the so-called “savings” are no longer so-straight forward maths!!

    They are more like those complicated Add Maths that we used to learn in school… I think, he he… Thank you Mrs Sum.

  6. I just bought the same item Anmum 1+ Honey 1.6kg from Mymydin which price was RM75.60 that was more expensive compare to Econsave that sell at RM74.90. So where did you get the item.. Interested to get few tin more..

    • Oops… I have over paid now…

      [Link deleted by Moderator]

      I’m now getting mine at Pasaraya Senang Sg Chua for rm71.90 for the 1.6kg can. They also still have old stock of the boxed version at rm55+. Good luck.

  7. I think As smart consumer we need check selling + Quality , i not realy will spend 61.80 for old stock rather then pay 71.90 to get quality product for my baby . because its sensitive case and its very common every where , the shopper will clear old stock with low price . I did check latestly where by Mymart even expensive then Econsave .. anyway thanks for info

    You’re welcome.

  8. promotion je kat maydin tu…tpi barang lain mahal jugak…!

    Biasalah, mana² pun begitu. Cuma sekarang ada promosi Anmum di Econsave tu, rm67.90 sahaja se tin.

  9. anmum 3 berapa harga paling murah di semua pasaraya.leh bagitahu x

    Di SEMUA pasaraya?

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